Sunday, 7 October 2012

New Stuff - Firestorm Armada and Warmachine

Right then, for starters, as mentioned in a previous post; I have a starter set for The Directorate from Spartan Games' Firestorm Armada space combat game. I have, at long last, after painting the thing bit by bit over the last few months, finished the battleship from the starter fleet, and I have pictures to prove it, for once, they are not edited it a week or two after the post either!

The obvious Star Trek style design was too much to be avoided and was painted to represent such a Star Trek theme. I'm quite chuffed with the paint job on this thing, just a few cruisers and frigates to do before the fleet is ready is ready for action. *Avoiding any Star Trek puns as he writes*
A recent visit from Square Orange Games has resulted in some more ships being purchased by me. These were from the Relthoza fleet range, a R+D cruiser and a Scarab Class Heavy Cruiser, I bought these to compliment the Star Trek theme - as they, too me anyway, look like Star Trek: The Next Generation era Romulans, and will look more so after a paint job in a variety of greens....
The R+D cruiser; looks a bit like a Bird of Prey too me....

Scarab Class Heavy Cruiser. side-view

Top-view of the above, looks a bit like a Warbird
So far, the R+D cruiser was meant to sit on the stand so the thinner sides were actually the top and bottom of the ship, as shown in the picture below:
This just looks odd too me
So, I decided to try and redo the layout of the ship, so that instead of looking like it does above, it will sit in a more traditional style, like this:
The red dot shows which side of the ship I was going to re-drill the hole for the base on
So using a drill I have managed to drill a new hole in the ship for the stand to sit in and hold the ship the way up I imagined it being. Shown below is how far I have gotten this weekend with it:
The re-design has gone well in my eyes

New connection for the stand to sit in
Besides this I have also managed to undercoat the Scarab Class Heavy Cruiser and started to slowly add the first coat of dark green to the ship:

You can just manage to spot the areas where the green paint has started to be applied
Besides working on the Firestorm Armada, I have also, after nearly three years of nagging, started collecting a force for Warmachine, from Privateer Press. I have chosen the Protectorate of Menoth as my faction, and have the starter battlebox for them. Using Dice and Decks Gaming Club's Warmachine Journeyman League as the catalyst to start work on these, I have converted the flamethrower on the Redeemer (not sure if this is the correct Warjack's name), as I didn't like the one it came with. I have also assembled all of the models, and started painting my Warcaster; Kreoss. I've tried 3 games for Warmachine so far, one demo and 2 actual games, I won the demo and my first game, and lost the second one, due to a variety of factors, including a lack of rules knowledge. Pictures of progress so far are included below:
New stuff, new game...
New flamethrower

A mishap, in the form of a broken mace, which needed pinning back into place
All better again...
The other light Warjack (yet to learn the names for each one)

Heavy Warjack, I've pinned all the arms into place on all the Warjacks, as the joins didn't seem very strong
Kreoss at about 2.30 this afternoon, I'm undercoating the armour grey before painting it white to get a better coat (hopefully!)

Warcaster Kreoss with all of his armour base-coated ready for it's proper white colour to be added next weekend when I'm home again
So, I need the rulebook and faction book for Warmachine and Proctectorate of Menoth, which I borrowed for the week from a friend. Additionally, I need the rulebook for Firestorm Armada, ready for some games.
So concludes one of my largest blog posts so far. Till next time, Readers!