Saturday, 18 February 2012

Historical Wargaming Post: "Hail Caesar!"

This is the name of the other set of rules I purchased for historical wargaming as mentioned in an earlier post. I have the rulebook and the army list book - containing a bumper 63 armies to choose, and from various times in the ancient and dark age eras. I have started a force of Early Imperial Romans  - beginning with the Roman Starter Army from Warlord Games - containing 124 troops. In addition I have some officers to lead them, and these have all arrived.
I started work as of yesterday and have so far painted the Legate (commander of my force) and two Legionaries, one representing the Optio - 2nd in command of a century. This guy differs from the normal soldiers in this unit by him wearing a metal full-face helmet. The entire unit is assembled and has begun to be painted. Here is my progress in pictures (sorry for bad quality):
Legionary and Legate (with Aquilifer on right unpainted).

Side-view of the Legionary

Legate and Aquilifer

Optio and Legionary (with Legate on far right)

Optio, Legionary, Legate and Aquilifer (who is going into the Praetorian unit)

The rest of the unit assembled, a variety of bases were used here

Rear rank of the first unit
Centurion, Vexillarius and Cornicen (most up to date picture of them)

Alternative angle of the Command section

Centurion, Cornicen and Vexillarius as part of the unit

The whole unit as it currently stands
The Optio - distinguished by the plastic Calvary helmet i used instead of a standard one

Legate and his current troops

Legate with Legionaries in background