Saturday, 4 February 2012

Warhammer 40k Post - More Titan updates and some others

I have made more progress as is to be expected - despite the fact I ran out black paint earlier in the week and so had to wait a few days in order to wait for a online order to arrive (a side effect of all local stores having been out of stock). But the stuff arrived (A Realm of Battle gameboard and a few pots of black paint), so work is now in progress again. I have undercoated the torso and started to paint the main colour onto it, I think i'm going to have to start to spray-paint the undercoat on, as it is not sticking properly, despite the resin parts being washed prior to assembly.
Anyway pics of a more recent dry fit:
I think the gold trimming makes the Titan seem more of a "good side" machine rather than a Chaos scheme.

The realm of battle board is very nice and seems quite sturdy. I have decided to do some mild alterations to the board, as I don't approve of the strange piles of skulls dotted in the ground. So i'm going to either cover them with stone slabs as they sorround the skull piles anyway, or I am to turn the skull piles into some sort of pond/lake - a much more generic scenery piece than piles of human skulls. Other than that I just need to paint the 6, 2 foot by 2 foot square board pieces.
I have also assembled and started to paint the last 2 of my Custodes (which are Scibor Miniatures sci-fi Romans). Along with painting the Mechanicus Magos and my Big Ork Warboss.