Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Realm of Battle gaming board update.

Having converted a few of the tiles to cover the pre-moulded skulls, I have undercoated the tiles and started to paint the board. 
Having started Modern Wargaming in addition to Warhammer 40000 and Ancient Wargaming (although I haven't played a game with rules for the latter yet!). I decided to try and make the board fit all games to the best it can, so I have gone for a desert board with green/vegetated areas scattered about it. 
Paint is en route from Humbrol, along with some new varnish, as my previous pot has manged to seal the lid on and is almost impossible to remove without permanent damage to it. 
I apologise that I have yet again failed to keep up the pictures to fit in with my updates, but don't despair readers! Pictures will be taken and uploaded by the end of this week.
EDIT: I have uploaded pictures, so now everything is up to date. See my previous post on Modern Wargaming and the Gallery for the new pictures.