Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Historical Wargaming - "Black Powder" and Napoleonics?

Black Powder is a ruleset developed by Warlord Games (their first release, now one of three choices of rules for historical gaming, with the 2nd; "Hail Caesar", being already mentioned). The book seems smaller in comparison to Hail Caesar, but no less lacking in detail and quality.
I bought the book in preparation for my hopeful Summer 2012 project (and onwards from there) of Napoleonic/or other Black Powder era wargaming. The book didn't help as it provided so many other wars/forces to choose from it's made it hard to make a choice (although Napoleonic Era remains the top of the list). The 54mm Victrix British Napoleonic Era models are for Skirmish Games like Sharp Practice, so 28mm is the scale I'm gunning for with this ruleset in mind.
Now it's a matter of money to begin collecting suitable forces for the required era....