Sunday, 7 February 2016

Into the new year

Hello again folks,

Well, things have been busy on the modelling front. 

I've been busy painting a model for the annual Dice and Decks Gaming Club Christmas Miniature Swap.

In other news my 10mm Napoleonic Miniatures arrived last week and I have started to assemble these ready to paint, they are very chrisp and detailed. I have 2 cannons, a howitzer, two mounted officers, 12 dragons, 4 line battalions and a highlander battalion. Some of these are shown in work in progress pictures below.

Due to a challenge on Saturday 19th December, I was forced to speed up my assembling of a warband for Frostgrave, I'm using the Silence model from Guildball as my Necromancer, his apprentice is a Pandora model from Malifaux. As for Soldiers; a variety of already owned models fulfilled this role, including some Arthurian soldiers and a dog from Kings of War. As well as a Tenderiser from Guildball who is standing in my warband as an infantryman. The whole of Frostgrave reminds me slightly of the video game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, probably due to the wintry area and the magic mixed with medieval weapons. I enjoyed two games of this, with the rules for random encounters being a source of great amusement to all.

I also as my birthday has recently passed got my hands on a squad of 5 automated British infantry from Clockwork Goblin Miniatures. These are 28mm scale but stand around 40mm tall, they carry either a Vickers or a .50 cal heavy machine gun, I intend to use them to supplement my Bolt Action army and this has been helped by finding the company has written appropriate rules to include these in games of Bolt Action. I also received a pre-done version of one of these automated infantry as part of the annual Dice and Decks Christmas Miniature Swap. I painted a Khornate flesh hound in black with red scales, which I was rather pleased with. A picture from the Dive and Decks Facebook page is shown below:

Over Christmas I received a box of Dreamforge Games' Eisenkern Stormtroopers, as well as their support weapons. I am intending to use these in near future games and so have painted them to look as though they are wearing camouflage armour. 

I have also been introduced to some new rules, Black Ops by Osprey Publishing, which is a great game, especially for infiltration style missions. I've played 3 games of this type so far, the first was a a World War 2 era game with a group go British Paratroops infiltrating a German held hamlet in order to eliminate a German officer. Whilst my opponent succeeded in killing the officer, luck wasn't on his side and the noise counters added up to the alarm being raised and a German reinforcements poured in, resulting in only one man making it back off the table. 

My second game was set in Afghanistan using ISAF special forces rescuing an informant held in a ruined factory complex by a group of Fanatics, I played the team rather than the guards for this game, and made it to the informant and rescued him without any losses.

My Spec Ops team - showing my attempts at Desert DPM from a few years ago and more recent Multicam.

 I'll be updating the pages section of this blog soon with a more recent major project I'm involved in. So keep watch folks!