Sunday, 26 February 2012

Mixed Wargaming Post - Updates on existant projects - Romans and the Titan.

Right then, I've been busy this weekend. For Hail Caesar I've managed to repair the transfers on the completed Legionaries so they show up (thanks to a recommendation made to me on the Warlord games forum - using a white background). I've also started building the Praetorian Unit and the Veterans, as well as completing another Legionary and the Command section of the unit I completed assembled last weekend. Here's some pics:
The Unit before the shield repairs ( Command section completed).

Same as above from a different angle.
And again.

The Praetorian Unit (with the Aquilifier replacing the Signifier).

Unpainted and finished Auxilary, with a mid-way through painting Legionary.

Finished Auxilary with Finshed Legionary.

The first Auxilary.

Shield details.

Finished Legionary with Pila.

The shield transfers, showing in much brighter detail on a white background beneath it.
The finished front row of the first unit.
And in Warhammer 40000, I have finished the thigh armour plates and the base layers on the legs, which now just need details doing and they'll be ready for the armour to be attached. This then leaves just the weapons and their associated cables to attach.
The Titan as it currently stands.

The finished thigh armour plates.