Force on Force - Modern Warfare.

A Wargame developed by Ambush Alley Games (website: The game allows players to play wargames based upon the conflicts and skirmishes from 1945 onwards, including the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan this last decade. The company makes the main rulebook called "Force and Force", and several supplement books, "Ambush Alley"; which covers the Vietnam conflict, "Road to Baghdad"  - the 2003-onwards Iraq war and "Enduring Freedom", which covers the conflict in Afghanistan. Recently, more supplements have been published and announced; "Fellujah"; covering Irag 2003 (again), "Classified"; which deals with special forces and operations since the end of World War 2.

The miniatures needed for the game system are not however produced by the company and these are left to the player to find and use. The game can be played in many different scales including 15mm, 20mm and 28mm. Useful Miniature producers for this game are Empress Miniatures and The Assault Group (who do several different forces in the 28mm scale range), and Eureka Miniatures,who produce a large range of models for different scales, inlcuding 28mm. However, Eureka's range is limited when it comes to the British military, although there is a special forces frogmen team with a boat in 28mm which coould represent the SAS (Special Air Service) or SBS (Special Boat Service) respectively. Brittania Miniatures also produce miniatures suitable for this game, but in the 20mm scale.

Vehicles can be used in the game, from  Humvees and Land Rovers to Challengers and Abrams Battle Tanks. Land based vehicles are best used in the 1:56 scale for 28mm gamers and these can be purchased through sites such as Imprint Models ( Helicopters can also be used and can be modelled if this makes life easier; which New Ray's Sky Pilot range produce a good scale. Research done by me indicates that scales preferred by most 28mm gamers are between 1:55 and 1:60.
The main rulebook cover
The Afghanistan Supplement book cover