Sunday, 29 January 2012

Warhammer 40k Post: Titan Updates

This weekend I have made some serious progress on the Titan. I have built both legs and successfully finished the two of them (bar a few pistons), along with the hip joints, the left foot is crushing the Rhino it's based on, I am going to model it so it seems as though the tank is being crushed into the mud before it breaks apart under the weight of the Titan. I have also added details to the head that I hadn't realised were missing until it was a little late. I have also made the 7 inch circular base the Titan will be based upon and begun to make the neccessary procedures to  connect the legs to it (with a huge number of pins).
The Right Leg (early Saturday) 

Dry fit of Torso to legs (I was quite surpised by how big this thing actually will stand - bit bigger than the Stompas I have for my Orks).
Dry fit -alternative angle
Legs on base (there are still alot of details to add here, but you get a good idea of what it will look like)
Legs on base, with a Guardsman to show scale

Monday, 23 January 2012

Warhammer 40k Post: Adeptus Mechanicus Adept.

Having made up an entire Forgeworld and Titan Legion as background for the Warhound Titan, I felt it neccessary to make a model to represent the Forgeworld's leader. So using a spare Scibor Roman Centurion model and some spare bits, along with a fair bit of greenstuff I set off (whilst I was waiting for the Titan's glue to dry). I started by removing the head off the Scibor model and replacing it with a bionic head from the Forgworld Boarding Assault Set, before adding an Ork Nob's drill arm from the plastic set. Then I created an entire right arm using a Terminator's shoulder joint and two Space Marine forearms stuck together to create the body of the arm, before using Greenstuff to create the robes over it and subsequently made his hood. As a finishing touch I added a Nemesis Force Rod from the Grey Knight Terminator set. Below are some pictures of my progress, I'm very happy with the way this has turned out and I feel it really captures the cyborg creepiness of the Mehanicus.
The Beginning, head and left arm in place.

Mid-way through painting, front view.

Mid-way through painting, back view.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Warhammer 40k Post - Titan Update

As of today I have actually made progress on the Titan. I have completed the left foot (which will be squashing a looted Ork Rhino, and perhaps more importantly I have successfully glued together the Titan's torso, which requires a tiny bit of green stuff to fill a gap under the area where the right arm will go.
The glued together torso (no roof)

The painted interior and Techpriest.

The Roof (which is removable)

The Titan's Hip joint, with chain ready for the banner.

The feet

The left crushing foot.

The whole torso with roof in place.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Warhammer 40k post: My Iron Warriors.

My Iron Warriors are one of my oldest armies, having started life as a Black Legion army with my brother collecting a World Eater force. My brother stopped collecting and I took a liking to Iron Warriors from an article in White Dwarf and so started my Iron Warriors (mark 1). I then inherited the 60+ World Eaters from my Brother, and had no way of really incorporating them into the existing force.
I then stopped using the Chaos force for a long time (at least two years), and then around one and a half years ago I bought a new Chaos battleforce and started up again (liking the idea of the Possessed having dual personalities from The First Heretic). I received a new Daemon Prince (now named Galahentrix) as a gift at the end of my A levels and so began the Iron Warriors (mark 2). So this force now stands at around 3000pts, with a large infantry force (which shocks some opponents), and two tanks (one rhino and a predator). The Predator as we speak is being altered into a more and more possessed vehicle, with a head, the lascannons are on arms and the tracks are being replaced with centipede legs.
This force is reasonbly successful and is under the back-story of a pilgrimage of Chaos led by a Daemon semi-disguised as an Iron Warrior (represented by a Chaos Sorceror on the tabletop).

Warhammer 40k post: My Imperial Fists

Started at the end of August 2011, it began as with all my armies, the need for a fresh new force to expand my collection - so I chose Imperial Fists, with a twist. These were Imperial Fists from the Great Crusade; midway through Mankind's re-conquering of the galaxy, so no MkIV Power Armour, MkII for the Tactical Marines I decided on, and any and all Veterans would wear the more knightly and slightly more menacing MkIII power armour (both sets produced by Forgeworld). Bright yellow appealed to a Great Crusade force - the light of the Emperor lighting the dark places of the galaxy. So far the army has one Captain and accompanying Command Squad, two tactical squads, one squad of Sternguard, one squad of heavily armed Vanguard Veterans (which count as Imperial Fist Huscarls - the pre-heresy Primarch's bodyguard) and the centrepiece - Rogal Dorn himself (made from a model I found on Ebay). Supporting these are three Tanks and a Dreadnought (at the moment); One Deimos Pattern Rhino, one Contemptor Pattern Dreadnought (which can fleet - a sometimes slightly overlooked feature) one old Rogue Trader era Land Raider (representing an early prototype from the dawn of the Great Crusade thats still in use after nearly a century of war) and a Land Raider Proteus. The only slight problem with a Primarch and several big shiny tanks is what it does to the points  - the army stands at 2650pts-ish, but only contains 36 Space Marines.
I have found painting Yellow onto resin to be a slow, slightly more difficult task than my usual painting; but a rewarding one. Nothing stands out more than a bright yellow force on the battlefield.
See the gallery section for pictures of this force.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Warhammer 40k post - My Warhound Titan (2)

 Right then. Got the hang of adding images to this thing (so very simple in the end). Below we have the progress in pictures of the Warhound Titan so far. The head is completely finished, with the crew painted, along with the interior and the exterior. Below this is a dry fit of the main torso with the roof on, this will be removable to allow views of the fully detailed and painted inside, as shown by the two servitors you can just make out in the picture.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Warhammer 40k post - Background and My Warhound Titan (1)

I have been collecting Warhammer 40k since April 2003 and have never stopped or looked back since. I have an enormous collection of at least 7 armies and have over the last 6 months become more and more prone to sourcing models from other sites and companies apart from just Games Workshop (not that I don't buy from them as well). I have an army of Imperial Fists composed almost entirely from Forgeworld components and an army of Custodian Guard made from models from Scibor Miniatures (which are stunning models to see). I finally over the 2011 xmas period lost self control and finally after years of debating bought a Warhound Titan from Forgeworld. It arrived within two days of the order being placed and I have been working on it since. For progress so far I have to direct you to the work in progress section of my gaming club's website here:
Any progress after this post will be updated on here and also on the website forum topic linked above. The kit is amazing and is extremely detailed, and pictures will make an appereance once I work out how to add them to this blog. Until then, have a read of the forum topic link and view my progress so far.

Main purpose(s) of this blog.

Ok folks. The principal purpose of this blog of mine is to discuss my favourite hobby - Warhammer 40000. Which I play regularly, normally at least once a week at my local club - Dice and Decks Gaming Club (for more information see I am a major fan of Warhammer and want to use this blog to update my progress on various projects in relation to this (I.e. My Warhound Titan - which is coming along swimmingly).
The other purpose of this blog is to discuss whatever comes into my rather mad mind at any given time (e.g. TV shows etc etc). Which is demonstrated by my previous blog post.


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