Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Bolt Action Updates.

Hello folks,

I've been busy in the last week or so (aside from a weekend away in Pembrokeshire, which I'll mention more about in my next post).
On Friday, my pre-ordered copy of Warlord Games "Bolt Action" Game, arrived, a 28mm World War 2 game that uses a army list system and points, in a 40k style codex selection style to allow you to build and tailor your WW2 army to your liking, tanks, infantry, artillery or all three. For example,  you must have a reinforced platoon of a Lieutenant (and despite being able to have a Captain or Major for more points, this starting block must be led by a Lieutenant), and two Infantry Sections, normally of an NCO and four men.
These can be upgraded in a similar style to Warhammer 40000, you pay points for more men, or a LMG, and extra weapons or upgrades. (I.e "Add up to 4 men for +10pts per man"). The morale can also be upgraded if wanted; e.g. from Regular to Veteran or for cheaper men, down to Inexperienced.
I like the look of the book, it's published by Osprey, and comes in a neat A5 book similar to Force on Force, if you have it.
The book is full of pictures and diagrams, and despite going into some details, remains a simple looking set of rules to play to. The main rules, which are out in September for general release, include 4 Late War army lists to get you going for NW Europe; British, American, German and Soviet Russia.
I have both British and German forces for demo games, but I'm focussing more on the Brits as a fellow club member has said he has an interest in the game and collecting the forces of Germany. 
Currently for my Brits; I have a Lieutenant (with regular morale), two squads of 8 men, with an NCO armed with a Sten SMG, One Bren Gunner, Loader and a further 5 men with rifles. A free Artillery Obeserver with regular morale (Brits get a free Artillery obeserver from the HQ choices as a special rule), one PIAT Team, one Sniper team and my fun unit; a Sherman VC Firefly Tank (armed with a British 17 pounder anti-tank cannon).
So far, the Lieutenant (well, 1st Lieutenant, as there are two Lieutenant ranks in the army lists for each nation), one NCO and a Rifleman are completely finished, the Sherman is close, but not quite done, and I have a Bren Gunner and Rifleman on the table, and a Sniper.
My British Infantry so far, excluding one riflemen who is mid-way through painting and was missed off by accident...
The NCO with Sten SMG kneeling in front of a Rifleman. To the right you can see some Games Workshop Gravestones I'm using as decoration on bases, in various states of wear and damage.

The Lieutenant, using a Grave as cover as he orders troops forward.

A Bren Gunner, at the back, with the Sniper from the Sniper Team (Surprisingly enough.....) in front, the sniper will have a gravestone to shelter behind on his base.
My Sherman VC Firefly, complete with Commander, serial number on the side and the symbol of the British 11th Armoured Division on the front left.

Side-view of the Sherman Firefly, the gun has been painted to match a camo scheme someone told me of - to try and disguise the gun, as German Tank Crews were trained to take out the longer barrelled Fireflys first, so the guns were painted to make them look shorter. You can also see the serial number I painted on the side. I need to add more weathering detail to the tracks yet.

The base I'm using for the Sherman, it will be more detailed with mud track-marks on it under the tank.
Front-view (almost), showing the long-barrelled gun and the symbol of the 11th Armoured Division, a black bull with red horns and hooves in a yellow triangle.

Now for the Germans; I've gone for a more experienced, but less specialist driven force. A 1st Lieutenant with Veteran Morale leads the force, with two men to guard him in the same squad (much like a 40k Command Squad) both with MP40 SMGs. The there is a two-man Sniper team like in my British force, except with Veteran status, and then two squads of an NCO with STG44 Assault Rifles, a MG42 LMG gunner, loader and 7 riflemen.
So far, the Lieutenant, an NCO and a Riflemen are assembled, with the Lieutenant partially painted and the rifleman undercoated black.
The Lieutenant is back-left, rifleman back-right and the NCO is in front. I Like the posing on these models, very dynamic.
 And that's it so far, Bolt Action is available from Warlord Games late September, you can pre-order from right now. I recommend you do so.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Updates - All sorts.

Sorry readers,
Been a bit of a while since I last updated the blog.
So here's one heck of update, full of all sorts.

Update 1: Pictures from Dice and Decks Charity Event 2012: Fly Another Day
My Board for my first game of Force on Force on the day.

Mid-way through game 2 of Force on Force

What I decided to buy - A Directorate Fleet for Firestorm Armada.

The Contents of the above box, as they came, uncleaned and unfiled.
Update 2: Pictures of my latest Napoleonic Painting Spree.

These pictures go with my previous post: Napoleonic Painting Updates.
French Dragoon Officer, mid-way through painting.

British Sergeant, fully painted, and work in progress Private.
Update 3: Dystopian Wars, minor conversion work
The one antenna has come off and been misplaced, so I replaced it with a giant (in scale terms) flag, which will be painted as a Union Jack to match this mercenary ship to my Kingdom of Britannia Fleet. The Flag is a bit of Brass and a filed Warhammer 40k Ork Choppa.
Update 4: Scenery Building Day 10th August 2012

On 10th August Neal from Dice and Decks ran an afternoon of Scenery building for the club in order to try and match the requirements of scenery needed to get a good game of Infinity in, which as a game took off well at our club meetings.
Hopefully this will become a sort of Industrial/Landing Area style scenery piece. The result of an afternoon's building.

The above at a different angle.
Update 5: Bushido

I got some Bushido at the Dice and Decks Charity event, due to the presence of our good friends at Square Orange Games ( So I got the faction Prefecture of Ryu, and I love the models, 32mm, so slightly larger than the rest of my normal wargaming collection, but really detailed and fun to paint.
Hanso, a Ashigaru Sergeant, finished now, this was taken mid-way through painting, he is next to another Ashigaru, whose in the background, and a Samurai.
Update 6: My new hat

Right, this one's going to take a bit of explaining. I've always like British Pith Hats, like the one worn by the British at Rorke's Drift (or in the film Zulu). So I was looking on Ebay for a Napoleonic British Officer's Bicorne (unsuccessfully I might add), and saw a replica Pith Hat for sale, and so I've nabbed it.... and it's awesome, tempted to get one or two spares. The idea of having it is to wear it at next year's charity event being ran by Dice and Decks, planned for the 17th August 2013, at the Larraperz Centre in Ross-on-Wye (there's subtle advertising). 
The hat as it looks on Ebay.

With that, there's another blog post done and dusted, I'll post new updates when something interesting enough to post is available, and dare I say, I'm starting to take an interest in the Sudan War for Black Powder (Struggling with what models to use, converted Anglo-Zulu War Brits from Warlord Games? Or something else?). Spartan Games has also announced Dystopian Legions, a 28mm Steampunk-ish One man to a model game to play smaller scale games in the Dystopian Wars universe, but that's not till October, plenty to update before then I expect! Till next time folks.....