Sunday, 17 March 2013

Updates; End of February, start of March 2013

Hello folks,

I have a bit of a variety in terms of what I have been working on this time around.

First up is a new game that I may or may not have mentioned in my last post; Dropzone Commander by Hawk Wargames. Since my last post I have got my hands on the UCM starter army and begun my eager work, only being slowed massively by a mixture of other projects and the 10mm scale miniatures, which, especially when it comes to infantry, are, for me at least, turning into a bit of an issue to paint.
Either way, I have managed to paint the first stand of infantry, and I have also managed to paint one of the Bear APCs and one of the Sabre Main Battle Tanks found in the starter army, as well as assembling one of the Condor medium dropships, which are pivotal to the game along with an additional stand of infantry and all of the ground vehicles from the aforementioned set. Pictures are available below:
The starter army as it comes in the box

Sabre Main Battle Tank finished in my colour scheme of desert camo

The elements of the starter force as they currently stand

The first infantry squad with their APC, which in game can carry three of these squads at once, with a Condor dropship carrying the APC

In scenery news, for a change, I have managed to spray 4 out of 6 of the Realm of Battle Gameboard segments and now have enough for a 4x4 board, which I'm currently in the process of painting the detail on with the aid of my university housemates. Pictures of the progress on this project are available below:
The dried up "ponds"  - my attempt at disguising the skull patches to make the board more generic
All of the painted boards so far, a fully painted 4'x4' gameboard, with two so far unpainted segments so the board can expand to 6'x2'

The hill area, painted by me with some help from my university housemates

Cracked ground patches, again an attempt at disguising the skull patches games workshop add to these boards

I have done a bit more work on the Judicator for my Warmachine Protectorate of Menoth force, having missed the last deadline for the journeyman league we had running at Dice and Decks, I am still keen to get this on the table, as it is a massive miniature and has taken up a great deal of my time. I have also been working on another Exemplar Knight for the same force.