Sunday, 11 November 2012

Dystopian Legions colour scheme ideas

Hello folks, ahead of tomorrows painting updates and a visit from Dice and Decks regular visitors at Square Orange Games, I'm going to present my ideas for colour schemes for when I finally get my hands on some of the new 28mm Dystopian Legions Kingdom of Britannia miniatures from Spartan Games (All rights to their owners for the pictures used below).
Idea 1
This is taking the original colour scheme ( a take on the Zulu-war british army uniform with metal breastplates and shoulder plates), and altering the tunic and armour colour to a more Sudan-war colour scheme, see here:
Idea 2
This takes the previous idea suggested above, and takes it further by adding the tunic beige/sand colour to the trousers as well. This colour will also be used for the Pith Helmet, as in Sudan and Boer War illustrations. Anyway, here we have the diagram for this:
This blends with my background for my force and the force being collected by another potential player we discussed on Friday.
I am planning on using Vajello Model Colour; Iraqi Sand for the tunic, trousers and pith helmet, with white ammo belts and equipment pouches. Both of these ideas will change the metal armour from plain metal to a brown or tin armour colour, I'm leaning towards a light brown, rather than using Tin Bitz from Citadel/Games Workshop, as I feel this will stand out a little too much compared with the generaly light colours on the rest of the model.
A few weeks and then we'll find out which scheme I finally decide upon.
Until tomorrow's painting update then folks......