Monday, 12 November 2012

2 weeks worth of Painting updates.

Hello for the second time in as many days...

Painting, what have I been doing over the last 2 weeks?
I've done some work on my Early Imperial Romans, including a Legate on horseback, Aquilifier, and the Praetorian's Centurion - all from Warlord Games range of models:

The Legate again.

The Aquilifier as of last week.

The Centurion of the Praetorian cohort.

From two weeks ago on my painting table.

Progress on the Aquilifer from this weekend
 And I've assembled another second rank Praetorian:
In 54mm Napoleonic news, I've at long last completely finished the Rifleman I converted from one of my Victrix Peninsular Infantry set:
I'm quite pleased with this one.

Slightly different angle.
And that, rather unfortunately concludes this painting update, until next weekend after I've done some more painting.