Friday, 30 March 2012

Modern Wargaming post - Force on Force First Games

Tonight I played my first two games of Force on Force, these games were to establish the basic game mechanics and rules. After finding out the general terms for Actions (done by the Iniative Player, which for the two games was decided at the start of each turn). The side with iniative pretty much decides the way the turn goes, with the opposing side deciding to react to actions or not. Movement is in one of two methods; tactical (6") or rapid (12") , shooting is very simple, number of fireteam members and support dice.
The first game was quite slow due to learning the rules from scratch, the second game, despite being with only one player with an understanding of the basics, was alot quicker and was done within around 35 minutes.
In my opinion, a very fun game, especially in future games with more troops and possibly a few vehicles (I've spotted a Jackal from S and S models that caught my eye).

Monday, 26 March 2012

Modern Wargaming - A problem with using multiple companies

Having bought models from both The Assault Group and Empress Miniatures, I can find diffculty in finding fault with either - for example; the detail is extraodinary. My only issue is that Empress Miniature's 28mm scale models are noticebly smaller when compared with those bought from The Assault Group. 
Therefore I have decided to use the Empress Miniatures models in dire emergencies and aim to buy more from The Assault Group in the future (being both cheaper and a more approriate 28mm scale), the long delay with ordering from Empress being that i started and completed painting from The Assault Group before the others arrived.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Modern Wargaming Post - The Assault Group's Minis arrive!

As of yesterday lunch-time, my modern warfare miniatures have I ordered from The Assault Group arrived for Force on Force. I spent the subsequent afternoon painting (assembling took around half an hour - they are single piece metal models, and just needed basing which took 30mins for all 16 models, then a few more for the M60 Insurgent team).
The models I ordered:
- 8 British Army soldiers (two sets of 4, one platoon command, and 4 standard soldiers)
- 8 Afghan/Taliban Insurgents (two sets of 4 again, but great variety, none are the exact same model)
- One 3-man M60 Afghan/Taliban Insurgent Team
I have painted 2 British Soliders in Desert camo already, and 3 insurgents (I painted these more quickly; as it's a simpler colour scheme). So far results are very good and I'm very pleased. 
However, on Friday I returned home to find a 1:55 scale model Chinook helicopter to go with the Modern Minis had arrived before the actual minis themselves.
Anyway pictures:
New Ray Sky Pilot Series, 1:55 Scale CH-46 Sea Knight Marine Chinook.

The Models I ordered from The Assault Group as they arrived.
First Modern Mini Painted - An Afghan Insurgent.

More Afghan Insurgents from later on Saturday.
First British Soldier painted.

Same as above from an alternative angle.
The first and second finished British Soldiers

The two British Soldiers with the Chinook for scale purposes.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Modern Wargaming. - awaiting mini's!

Having recieved the Force on Force rulebook and it's Afghanistan supplement last week. I am still awaiting the arrival of my 28mm miniatures from Empress Miniatures, so I can actually try the game out. 
I ordered 4 SAS and 8 Taliban models from Empress, and from New Ray's Sky Pilot range; a Chinook helicopter for landing/extraction site scenarios. I'm hoping I don't need to paint the helicopter, but if needs be I'll have to.
Having read through the rules I can say I am looking forward to having a game or two of this in the next few weeks.
Might have to get some more suitable scenery in the coming months.... if my bank account can suffer a few more grievances....

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Modern Wargaming post - Force On Force arrives.

Today my copy of Ambush Alley's Force On Force modern wargaming rules have arrived, along with the Enduring Freedom - Afghanistan conflict supplement. This combined with 8 and 12 sided dice mean that the only thing I am waiting for before I can start playing games are the miniatures themselves!
After a read-through of the rules I feel they will be fun to have a go with.

Warhammer 40k's 25th - BBC mention
This is a link to a newspaper article in which the BBC talks about Warhammer 40k and it's appeal. However; I feel that like a newspaper article in Greece, there is a negative overtone towards the hobby in the article (well, the negativity is the only real similarity - as the Greek article was a serious complaint against the hobby). The balance to me, just doesn't seem to be there...

Monday, 5 March 2012

Warhammer 40k post: Titan completed!

Over the weekend i have managed to complete the Warhound. I have deliberately left the cabling between the weapons, had and body off - so that the connecters for them can represent an advanced exhaust system for the experimental power supply the Titan is using - see Dice and Decks forum for the background.
I am very pleased with how this has turned out - even though the torso has had to be stuck to the hips due to the weapon arms unbalancing the top half of the model.
Anyway here are the pictures of the finished product:

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Warhammer 40k Post: Titan Updates.

The Titan has been updated over the course of the week. I have finished painting the legs and associated details, along with the base and the squashed tank. After this was done, I have added the armour plates to the Titan's thighs and shins. The final tiny details on the base need to be finished and that just leaves the arms to be attached with their cabling.