Friday, 30 March 2012

Modern Wargaming post - Force on Force First Games

Tonight I played my first two games of Force on Force, these games were to establish the basic game mechanics and rules. After finding out the general terms for Actions (done by the Iniative Player, which for the two games was decided at the start of each turn). The side with iniative pretty much decides the way the turn goes, with the opposing side deciding to react to actions or not. Movement is in one of two methods; tactical (6") or rapid (12") , shooting is very simple, number of fireteam members and support dice.
The first game was quite slow due to learning the rules from scratch, the second game, despite being with only one player with an understanding of the basics, was alot quicker and was done within around 35 minutes.
In my opinion, a very fun game, especially in future games with more troops and possibly a few vehicles (I've spotted a Jackal from S and S models that caught my eye).