Tuesday, 24 November 2015

November 2015 - 2nd Post

Hello again folks,

I've been painting a mixture of different models this week. I've been continuing to paint a Colonial Marine from Prodos Games' Alien vs Predator game. I've modelled the base to look like a vent in the floor of a spaceship, as this is where the game is based. I've also attempted some graffiti on his armour. I've been rather sparing with the graffiti but might attempt more on the next few colonial marines.
I've also prepared and started assembling one of the three Predators that come in the boxed set. This one has been based in an attempt to look like the Predators have forced their way onto the spaceship, so debris as well as metal flooring litters the base. I have started painting the first, poised to be throwing the smart disc.

As another game of Bolt Action loomed for Friday (20th November), I spent alot of the week painting more of my German army, including two of my troops in winter uniform. I've always been rather pleased with the conversions of the winter uniform troops. I'm tempted to convert at least one of my German troopers to be in full winter uniform, all this involves apart from a specific paint scheme is a conversion of the tunic to include a hood so that it represents the winter jacket worn by some German soldiers during the Second World War. 

This week has also led to a future project coming more into possibility - I've wanted to play Napoleonic games for ages, but 28mm is really too big for any games of any real size with the force sizes common to the Napoleonic Wars. So following the footsteps of a friend and fellow wargamer, I've opted for 10mm British for Napoleonic era warfare, as this can then come up against my friend's French force. Before anything else I need to work out what rule set we're  using and thus what basing needs to be used for the miniatures.

I've also assembled and started to paint one of my Eisenkern Stormtroopers, in the styling of the Brotherhood of Steel from the Fallout video game series. So metal coloured armour with red or white details. Although if I like the colour scheme on these troopers, I will assemble a sci-fi force using it, but with my own insignia for units.

I played another game of Bolt Action this past Friday (20th November) , and resoundly defeated my opponent. We decided on a mainly Infantry game, with a few non-vehicle support units, so I found my 150mm Howitzer, which as luck would have it, failed to provide the support it should have. However, my unlucky opponent's own artillery strike scattered and hit more of his own units (and more destructively). Which turned the battle much in my favour, and my opponent's best paratrooper unit being pinned until it fled the table finished the job as the second unit of paratroopers lost nearly half it's men to machine gun fire from my SS unit that had reached the maximum range to assist the units already blocking the enemy advance across the table. In-game pictures below show how this game looked.
My right flank - my most heavily armed and numbered side of the board

A view across the table

My infantry face a paratrooper unit supported by regular infantry

My officers take on the remnants of a infantry unit hiding in the crater in the centre of the board.

A smaller unit of veterans guards the left flank against some sneakiness!

My Italian infantry guarding the middle of the board.

My Howitzer at the back centre of my deployment zone, where it stayed providing ineffective support for the whole game.

My final point for these post is a slight annoyance I have for some Bolt Action players/tournaments which state "The main rulebook plus all FAQs and Theatre books are allowed" and then further down state "No vehicle flamethrowers and No tank platoons". This annoys me as a keen Bolt Action player for two reasons. As a player this annoys me as it limits what can be taken, purely because it is quite a powerful unit/platoon which isn't the fault of people who may like a particular style in their force, additionally this annoys me again in that it cannot follow all rules, theatre books and FAQs if it disallows certain things. Let me give an example, Tank platoons are a main feature of the Tank War theatre book, so if disallowed, you are effectively disallowing an entire theatre book in one fell swoop!

Anyway, that's all for this time folks! Hopefully more news to come soon....