Sunday, 8 November 2015

November 2015 - Week 1 - Colonial Marines and Some Corner of a Foreign Field

Hello again folks,

Well, I have started to attack the contents of Aliens vs Predator: The Miniatures Game. It contains a board game, which seems so far to be very similar in style to Space Hulk (which, in turn, has always reminded me of the film Aliens, so the circle just keeps going).
In the box you get a spaceship layout, featuring several air-vents, corridors, rooms and doors. Additionally, you get 5 colonial marines (3 with Pulse rifles, 1 with a flamethrower and 1 with a smart gun), 3 Predators (armed with a variety of their equipment from the film series) and 15 Aliens (5 being Stalkers, which are like the dog-spawned variety from Alien 3) and 10 Infant Warriors, which are the traditional smooth headed creatures from the majority of the films.
Although Prodos Games are adding to this range, with a Queen Alien, Powerloader, Predator Hounds and Warrior Aliens (ridge-headed variety from the Aliens film) already available to pre-order from their online store.
I have already assembled the Colonial Marines, and even started to paint them - I intend to add graffiti to their armour to add a bit of individuality to them. At the moment, I've built the Smart Gunner, a marine with tracker and a marine with an incinerator, plus one alien warrior. I'll add pictures of these once some more progress has been done on them.

Last night at Dice and Decks Gaming Club, I played a game of Some Corner of a Foreign Field, which is now under the name of Danger Close and is owned by Empress Miniatures. The game was 8 British soldiers vs 12 Taliban insurgents. At first, this went well for the Brits, who have extra actions and activitations due to being better in terms of "skills and drills", which we quickly found was a ridicolously high advantage. However, a bad dice roll for throwing a grenade meant it scattered and blew up 5 of my own soldiers, leading to some slightly unorthodox rescuing by the remaining 3 of my troops. My opponent and me decided whilst the rules are not bad, they are missing rules for reloading rocket launchers, as nothing stops you firing three shots a turn with a British soldier, and serious injuries unless the casualty falls unconcious, have little impairment bar some slow moving. It didn't seem to affect the injured man's ability to fire in any way. The action system was also built on upon the "skills and drills" with a British Soldier being given 3 actions, and the British player was able to move 3 men per turn due to Skills and Drills 3, whilst the insurgents were Skills and Drills 2, meaning 2 insurgents per turn could act, and do up to 2 actions. This proved to be a problem when moving and spotting soldiers, as this used up all their actions and thus stopped them firing as well. These shortcomings seem to be a part of the rules or lack thereof in some elements, although they could be misinterpretation, but given the rules were 2 sides of A4, this is unlikely.
The available forces for Friday night's game.

1st British Section

2nd British Section

SAS Team

Insurgent Force
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