Sunday, 26 February 2012

Mixed Wargaming Post - Updates on existant projects - Romans and the Titan.

Right then, I've been busy this weekend. For Hail Caesar I've managed to repair the transfers on the completed Legionaries so they show up (thanks to a recommendation made to me on the Warlord games forum - using a white background). I've also started building the Praetorian Unit and the Veterans, as well as completing another Legionary and the Command section of the unit I completed assembled last weekend. Here's some pics:
The Unit before the shield repairs ( Command section completed).

Same as above from a different angle.
And again.

The Praetorian Unit (with the Aquilifier replacing the Signifier).

Unpainted and finished Auxilary, with a mid-way through painting Legionary.

Finished Auxilary with Finshed Legionary.

The first Auxilary.

Shield details.

Finished Legionary with Pila.

The shield transfers, showing in much brighter detail on a white background beneath it.
The finished front row of the first unit.
And in Warhammer 40000, I have finished the thigh armour plates and the base layers on the legs, which now just need details doing and they'll be ready for the armour to be attached. This then leaves just the weapons and their associated cables to attach.
The Titan as it currently stands.

The finished thigh armour plates.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Historical Wargaming Post: "Hail Caesar!"

This is the name of the other set of rules I purchased for historical wargaming as mentioned in an earlier post. I have the rulebook and the army list book - containing a bumper 63 armies to choose, and from various times in the ancient and dark age eras. I have started a force of Early Imperial Romans  - beginning with the Roman Starter Army from Warlord Games - containing 124 troops. In addition I have some officers to lead them, and these have all arrived.
I started work as of yesterday and have so far painted the Legate (commander of my force) and two Legionaries, one representing the Optio - 2nd in command of a century. This guy differs from the normal soldiers in this unit by him wearing a metal full-face helmet. The entire unit is assembled and has begun to be painted. Here is my progress in pictures (sorry for bad quality):
Legionary and Legate (with Aquilifer on right unpainted).

Side-view of the Legionary

Legate and Aquilifer

Optio and Legionary (with Legate on far right)

Optio, Legionary, Legate and Aquilifer (who is going into the Praetorian unit)

The rest of the unit assembled, a variety of bases were used here

Rear rank of the first unit
Centurion, Vexillarius and Cornicen (most up to date picture of them)

Alternative angle of the Command section

Centurion, Cornicen and Vexillarius as part of the unit

The whole unit as it currently stands
The Optio - distinguished by the plastic Calvary helmet i used instead of a standard one

Legate and his current troops

Legate with Legionaries in background

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Social Networking...

Of the many varied Social Networks available in today's society. Which do you think is the best one?
I have accounts on Twitter, Google Plus and Facebook, and I don't have a favourite one out of either. 
So which one do you think is the best?

Gallery Updated.

I have updated the Gallery with some more pictures from a few years ago....
Have a look and see if anything takes an interest!

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Wargaming post: Warhammer 40k Titan and Historical Wargaming.

Right then, finally a post that isn't just about Warhammer 40000 from me today. Although it does feature some work I have been doing on the Titan for 40k Apocalypse games, shown here:
I have been busy painting the legs and have made excellent progress, another week and these should be done and dusted.
The (nearly) complete version of the Titan. I am very pleased with the colour scheme I chose for this.
This one of the two pieces of upper leg armour (one for each leg, obviously). Both have the same symbol (the Adeptus Mechanicus logo) on them, added by me to make the legs look more interesting.
Right and now something different, over the last few weeks, I have taken a more active approach in my interest in historical wargaming, featuring the Romans, one of the best civilisations to ever exist in my opinion. So I have ordered some stuff from Warlord games (, a 28mm Roman starting force with officers and approriate scenery (for one of the rulesets), some officers to lead the force, and two rulesets that are both compatible with 28mm models. These being "Hail Caesar" and "Field of Glory", both acquired slightly cheaper than normal due to the joys of Amazon. I intend to hopefully attract some interest at my local club, with some members already showing some interest in a test match.
One of the books has already arrived and I expect the other to arrive this coming week.
Field of Glory rulebook

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Warhammer 40k Post: Titan Updates and other projects

I have once again been back at home doing more work on the Titan this week, my progress has been quite enormous this time around, but I also felt it might be worth adding some of my other projects onto the blog. One being the Adeptus Mechanicus Magos I showed in an earlier post, based off a Scibor Sci-fi Roman Centurion, the other is my latest incarnation of my Ork Warboss for 40k - Orkamungus, named after the Ork from the PC game: Dawn of War, he is a narcissic Ork and has named anything particularly desturctive in his army after himself. The model is a Finecast Ghazghkull Thraka, I chopped both legs off at the knee and added in some extra length using Skorcha fuel canisters from the Ork Dreadnought. The pictures show the model after the first few painted details have been added.
The Titan has been spray painted, the Torso is all done, just the weapons, legs and base to do now.
Sorry about the sideways view folks.

Big scary Ork!!..... or not.

The Titan as it stands at present from the Front, complete with it's weapons
Left arm (Plasma Blastgun)
Right arm (Turbo Laser Destroyer)
Top-down view
Inside the Torso
Inside the head
The Adeptus Mechancius Magos

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Warhammer 40k Post - More Titan updates and some others

I have made more progress as is to be expected - despite the fact I ran out black paint earlier in the week and so had to wait a few days in order to wait for a online order to arrive (a side effect of all local stores having been out of stock). But the stuff arrived (A Realm of Battle gameboard and a few pots of black paint), so work is now in progress again. I have undercoated the torso and started to paint the main colour onto it, I think i'm going to have to start to spray-paint the undercoat on, as it is not sticking properly, despite the resin parts being washed prior to assembly.
Anyway pics of a more recent dry fit:
I think the gold trimming makes the Titan seem more of a "good side" machine rather than a Chaos scheme.

The realm of battle board is very nice and seems quite sturdy. I have decided to do some mild alterations to the board, as I don't approve of the strange piles of skulls dotted in the ground. So i'm going to either cover them with stone slabs as they sorround the skull piles anyway, or I am to turn the skull piles into some sort of pond/lake - a much more generic scenery piece than piles of human skulls. Other than that I just need to paint the 6, 2 foot by 2 foot square board pieces.
I have also assembled and started to paint the last 2 of my Custodes (which are Scibor Miniatures sci-fi Romans). Along with painting the Mechanicus Magos and my Big Ork Warboss.