Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Wargaming post: Warhammer 40k Titan and Historical Wargaming.

Right then, finally a post that isn't just about Warhammer 40000 from me today. Although it does feature some work I have been doing on the Titan for 40k Apocalypse games, shown here:
I have been busy painting the legs and have made excellent progress, another week and these should be done and dusted.
The (nearly) complete version of the Titan. I am very pleased with the colour scheme I chose for this.
This one of the two pieces of upper leg armour (one for each leg, obviously). Both have the same symbol (the Adeptus Mechanicus logo) on them, added by me to make the legs look more interesting.
Right and now something different, over the last few weeks, I have taken a more active approach in my interest in historical wargaming, featuring the Romans, one of the best civilisations to ever exist in my opinion. So I have ordered some stuff from Warlord games (http://www.warlordgames.com), a 28mm Roman starting force with officers and approriate scenery (for one of the rulesets), some officers to lead the force, and two rulesets that are both compatible with 28mm models. These being "Hail Caesar" and "Field of Glory", both acquired slightly cheaper than normal due to the joys of Amazon. I intend to hopefully attract some interest at my local club, with some members already showing some interest in a test match.
One of the books has already arrived and I expect the other to arrive this coming week.
Field of Glory rulebook