About Me.


This is the section where I get to try and explain the sometimes more and, perhaps more often, less normal workings of my brain and a bit about me in general.


I am a "really tall" guy in his 20s who likes to play Wargames, currently working in the education system.


I love playing Wargames and have been collecting Warhammer 40000 for a fair few years, and have an enormous collection of minatures (as mentioned in one of my early posts) along with collections for a fair few other games systems. Further to this, I have recently (as of February 2013) started collecting Ancient-Historical Wargaming, in the form of "Hail Caesar" by Warlord Games, although I do have the rules for "Field of Glory", another game system for historical wargaming. This blog is my chance at showing off my ability and discussing the hobby (this being the main reason), as well as other random subjects on occassions (the less than main reason). I have also collected for a wargame called Force On Force - which is modern warfare based. I collect many games, or at least, elements of many different games.
I was a Committee member for the Dice and Decks Gaming Club in Ross-on-Wye, which I still attend. For more information on the club please visit the website at www.diceanddecks.com.