Thursday, 5 April 2012

Modern Wargaming Post - Tuesday Afternoon Games.

I played a few more games of Force On Force on Tuesday afternoon, a game largely dominated by some awful dice rolling. I began playing as the Insurgent force for a few games, and swapped with my opponent after a few games, as my dice rolls resulted in total defeat in all games, this was a scenario where a fireteam had to reach an approriately moddelled fuel depot and destroy (by remaining in contect with it for a turn). As the British, I had to rescue a High Value Target from the middle of the board and evacuate him, either via the Chinook (we have started using the Close Combat and Air-insertion/evac rules), or off the board. This game proved a very bizarre one, and didn't go off to a good start as the Chinook carrying my fireteams was bought down before it reached the LZ, killing two members of one fireteam (Bravo Fireteam) and another one from the other (Alpha). From here on the game was exchanges of fire with Insurgents and their M60 Weapon Team - which was trying to block my escape route. The M60 was routed and sent scurrying off by the Alpha fireteam with three men still going, but Bravo team caused some light wounds and was then destroyed in return against the two insurgent fireteams blocking the objective. However, the Alpha's managed to cut their way through the two infantry teams, picking up a POW and the objective before making it back past the downed chopper and off the board (thankfully due to some poor rolling for the newly rallied M60 team - or what was left of it!).
All in all, it helped conslidate what we already learnt from Friday, and introduced some new rules, like the Air Insertion and Close Combat rules, which are reasonably easy to learn.
I regret to say there are no pictures, I'm going to try and start taking more in the future to help people get an idea of what's occurring.