Thursday, 19 April 2012

My Newest Project.

To go with my current wargaming theme of delving into various wargames that are set in the different military time periods in history. I have delved into the period of big hats, red jackets and Officers with incredibly posh and long-winded names! - The Napoleonic Era. 
This is likely to be the last of the time periods I delve into; I've covered Ancients with my Romans, Modern times with my Force On Force collection (which is coming along swimmingly) and now the Napoleonics. This hopefully won't result in me collecting another massive force, since the rules I'm using are more for fun then serious playing of scenarios - the rules come from a company called Too Fat Lardies and is called Sharp Practice; based on the heroics of the character from the novels and the TV series. It involves between 30 and 120 men, and is based on most literature. You have the normal Men/Troops (the background characters) and the Big Men (Main Characters/Leaders and so on). The idea being about Skirmish games rather than large scale battles.
To the hopeful end of me not going over the top as usual, I am using a larger 54mm Scale for the Miniatures. With a 54mm box of British Peninsular Infantry from Victrix starting off the team. They arrived as of yesterday and are massive compared with the normal size I use for wargaming (28mm Scale). I have two assembled and one painted, but all need bases - in this case I'm using 40 x 40mm Square Bases from Games Workshop. The painted individual is one of the Big Men from the rules, representing a Squad Leader, since the Victrix box contains two sets of 8. 
I have generated a character using the generators for Main Characters found in the rulebook, and came up with an average leader, not super fit, not liked nor disliked and an average swordsman, and given a status of "Fine Fellah". I as usual for most of my main characters for any wargame a name was generated using a random name generator found on the net; and Sgt. Maxwell Isiah Holt was created. The second character is the other Sergeant, a "Sickly Cove", and slightly under average, however he is a General's Son (wealthy) and universally loved by his men - Sgt. Darwin Sandford Melchief. Using these two as a review of the character generators, you can end up with some strange mixes of characteristics, men who look ugly as sin and are poor soldiers might be incredibly rich and liked by the soldiers? Seems a good system to me, and creates an amusing feel to the game.
Victrix does alot of Napoleonic Miniatures in 28mm and has only recently started 54mm, with the British being the only set available, but with French coming very soon!
New Stuff!

Unboxed - 4 Sprues - 16 Troops
54mm v 28mm Size Comparison (Games Workshop Space Marine representing 28mm)

Assembled Troops
Assembled and Painted Sergeant

Close-up of Sgt. Holt.