Sunday, 25 March 2012

Modern Wargaming Post - The Assault Group's Minis arrive!

As of yesterday lunch-time, my modern warfare miniatures have I ordered from The Assault Group arrived for Force on Force. I spent the subsequent afternoon painting (assembling took around half an hour - they are single piece metal models, and just needed basing which took 30mins for all 16 models, then a few more for the M60 Insurgent team).
The models I ordered:
- 8 British Army soldiers (two sets of 4, one platoon command, and 4 standard soldiers)
- 8 Afghan/Taliban Insurgents (two sets of 4 again, but great variety, none are the exact same model)
- One 3-man M60 Afghan/Taliban Insurgent Team
I have painted 2 British Soliders in Desert camo already, and 3 insurgents (I painted these more quickly; as it's a simpler colour scheme). So far results are very good and I'm very pleased. 
However, on Friday I returned home to find a 1:55 scale model Chinook helicopter to go with the Modern Minis had arrived before the actual minis themselves.
Anyway pictures:
New Ray Sky Pilot Series, 1:55 Scale CH-46 Sea Knight Marine Chinook.

The Models I ordered from The Assault Group as they arrived.
First Modern Mini Painted - An Afghan Insurgent.

More Afghan Insurgents from later on Saturday.
First British Soldier painted.

Same as above from an alternative angle.
The first and second finished British Soldiers

The two British Soldiers with the Chinook for scale purposes.