Thursday, 19 January 2012

Warhammer 40k post: My Iron Warriors.

My Iron Warriors are one of my oldest armies, having started life as a Black Legion army with my brother collecting a World Eater force. My brother stopped collecting and I took a liking to Iron Warriors from an article in White Dwarf and so started my Iron Warriors (mark 1). I then inherited the 60+ World Eaters from my Brother, and had no way of really incorporating them into the existing force.
I then stopped using the Chaos force for a long time (at least two years), and then around one and a half years ago I bought a new Chaos battleforce and started up again (liking the idea of the Possessed having dual personalities from The First Heretic). I received a new Daemon Prince (now named Galahentrix) as a gift at the end of my A levels and so began the Iron Warriors (mark 2). So this force now stands at around 3000pts, with a large infantry force (which shocks some opponents), and two tanks (one rhino and a predator). The Predator as we speak is being altered into a more and more possessed vehicle, with a head, the lascannons are on arms and the tracks are being replaced with centipede legs.
This force is reasonbly successful and is under the back-story of a pilgrimage of Chaos led by a Daemon semi-disguised as an Iron Warrior (represented by a Chaos Sorceror on the tabletop).