Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Warhammer 40k post - Background and My Warhound Titan (1)

I have been collecting Warhammer 40k since April 2003 and have never stopped or looked back since. I have an enormous collection of at least 7 armies and have over the last 6 months become more and more prone to sourcing models from other sites and companies apart from just Games Workshop (not that I don't buy from them as well). I have an army of Imperial Fists composed almost entirely from Forgeworld components and an army of Custodian Guard made from models from Scibor Miniatures (which are stunning models to see). I finally over the 2011 xmas period lost self control and finally after years of debating bought a Warhound Titan from Forgeworld. It arrived within two days of the order being placed and I have been working on it since. For progress so far I have to direct you to the work in progress section of my gaming club's website here: http://www.diceanddecks.com/forum/index.php?topic=1505.0
Any progress after this post will be updated on here and also on the website forum topic linked above. The kit is amazing and is extremely detailed, and pictures will make an appereance once I work out how to add them to this blog. Until then, have a read of the forum topic link and view my progress so far.