Thursday, 19 January 2012

Warhammer 40k post: My Imperial Fists

Started at the end of August 2011, it began as with all my armies, the need for a fresh new force to expand my collection - so I chose Imperial Fists, with a twist. These were Imperial Fists from the Great Crusade; midway through Mankind's re-conquering of the galaxy, so no MkIV Power Armour, MkII for the Tactical Marines I decided on, and any and all Veterans would wear the more knightly and slightly more menacing MkIII power armour (both sets produced by Forgeworld). Bright yellow appealed to a Great Crusade force - the light of the Emperor lighting the dark places of the galaxy. So far the army has one Captain and accompanying Command Squad, two tactical squads, one squad of Sternguard, one squad of heavily armed Vanguard Veterans (which count as Imperial Fist Huscarls - the pre-heresy Primarch's bodyguard) and the centrepiece - Rogal Dorn himself (made from a model I found on Ebay). Supporting these are three Tanks and a Dreadnought (at the moment); One Deimos Pattern Rhino, one Contemptor Pattern Dreadnought (which can fleet - a sometimes slightly overlooked feature) one old Rogue Trader era Land Raider (representing an early prototype from the dawn of the Great Crusade thats still in use after nearly a century of war) and a Land Raider Proteus. The only slight problem with a Primarch and several big shiny tanks is what it does to the points  - the army stands at 2650pts-ish, but only contains 36 Space Marines.
I have found painting Yellow onto resin to be a slow, slightly more difficult task than my usual painting; but a rewarding one. Nothing stands out more than a bright yellow force on the battlefield.
See the gallery section for pictures of this force.