Monday, 15 October 2012

Warmachine - League Games and the purchasing and painting updates

Hello once again folks,
Since my last update my Warmachine games have increased from 3, 1 of which was a demo, to 5...(I know that's not really that exciting, but there we go). 
I played a game on the Friday just gone as part of my participation in Dice and Decks Warmachine Journeyman League, Season 2. My opponent was also a new-ish player as well, but was more experienced than me, and stands much higher up the league's points table than I do. He was using Retribution, which have a pesky extra defense in the form of shield boxes, and a very pesky mechanic, and began to start picking apart my force, taking apart my heavy Crusader warjack, and then moving on to start on the light warjacks.

 However, despite my Warcaster having only 5 health boxes left, I advanced Kreoss into a combat containing my Revenger warjack, against one of his heavy warjacks and his warcaster. 
Kreoss and the Revenger take on there opposing numbers from the Retribution force

I targeted Kreoss' attack onto his warcaster and rolled this:
Oh yeah!
My opponent showed little in the way of facial expression until this moment, when the game suddenly ended, with me winning! Despite all the odds.
I had borrowed a Deliverer Artillery piece for the game, and it comes a friend's collection, who unfortunately has a Protectorate Menoth force, painted in bright pink (as part of a Cancer charity event in 2007, as I found out during another Warmachine game on Saturday night - I didn't ask why after 5 years, he hadn't re-painted them), as shown in the picture below:
Neal's pink Menoth artillery unit
I borrowed the same weapon to play against my friend Neal Barton's Cryx force on Saturday night, and I was yet again, not expecting the end result. His Cryx force contained some really evil units, and they started knocking down the warjack's armour, and polished off the heavy, again. The Crusader must be cursed or something....
The Revenger and Repenter were both sorrounded, when Neal's Warcaster came into range, and started taking damage, as this was the last chance I had of winning the match. The match was won by me, having used everything I had to do damage to that Warcaster, it still had 2 damage boxes left, but it was on fire. Upon the starting of the next turn, Neal rolled a 4, and it died, winning me the second game of the weekend.

In celebration of my victory on Friday, I decided to add some more paint to Kreoss, and so now, he looks like this:
And so, I have decided to try and choose my next unit to add to the army, in the form of Exemplar Cinerators (after a bit of debate over whether to get Exemplar Bastions or Cinerators). As over the course of the league, games go from starter box, to 15pts for October (our current game size), then 25pts for November and 35pts for December.