Monday, 22 October 2012

Various Updates - Warmachine, Dystopian Wars

Hello again folks,

Over the last few days, I've managed a few things;
At Dice and Decks on Friday I managed to lose two Warmachine League Games, luckily this still gets me a few points, but not as many as my opponents, who were already ahead, but oh well. The one game I had no intention of winning, but I needed to have played everyone in the league, and it helps. The other game was the first of the night, and was lost due to two things: my mis-measuring of ranges due to terrain (a big pool of water), specifically charges and secondly, a lack of knowledge about the Killbox scenario, which meant my Warcaster loses me the game if he gets within a 10 inch range of a board edge.
Oh well, lessons learnt. On a different note, I have managed to make some more painting progress; I have completely painted Kreoss, my WarmachineWarcaster, and started to paint a Warjack as well. And as part of Dystopian Wars, I've finished a medium tank (the actual name of the type is lost on me), and I'm very happy with the way it's come out. Pictures are already here for this one:

Finished Kreoss, with Line of Sight markings at last.


And from the back

The Repenter Warjack, mid-paint, although my grey undercoat for the white armour makes it look like not alot has happened to it

One Kingdom of Brittania Medium Tank, before the base was done

Alternative View

And with the base done

I'm very happy with it, only another 5 of these, 3 Artillery units and a Landship to go for my Dystopian Wars land force....
And that's the update done and dusted. I'm going to have to crack on with painting, I've slowed down way too much over the last few months and keep buying new models to add to the "to do" list.