Thursday, 25 October 2012

The plan for the year ahead - 2 months on.

On the 3rd September I posed my ideas and plans for the year ahead in terms of my Wargaming hobby, and now, nearly 2 months on (give or take a week) am writing to explain how it's going.

I've started the Vietnam Wargaming, with the Force on Force expansion book for the period from Ambush Alley in my hands, and it's a good book, even compared to the Afghanistan expansion book. I have two models for it, one of which is coming along (a 1/48 Huey Hog helicopter). So that's one goal that's going on.

As for painting my Secrets of the Third Reich Brits, nothings changed at the moment, and the same again for Dystopian Wars. Well, actually, thinking on it, I have a land force for my Kingdom of Brittania force, and have started painting it, with more painting planned for this weekend. However, in terms of my sea force, nothing's changed dramatically, except I've done a bit to the Olympus Class Troop Carrier, it's been undercoated, and I've started painting the thousands of tiny windows.
Bolt Action has had a few more models built for it, but overall no real progress.

Warmachine is another new game that's taking up alot of my time in terms of painting and buying of models, since as mentioned in previous posts, I'm participating in a league where games escalate on a monthly basis, so new models, which in turn need painting.

Dystopian Legions is out next month, and so I'm waiting on that project.

The second Black Powder era has sort of blended into my plans for Dystopian Legions, with a Sudan era paint scheme being formulated in my mind. (Wait and see being the main theme here folks).

Firestorm Armada is progressing, with the main ship for my fleet being painted and finished, and a Frigate also nearing completion, I have a few ships for another fleet also being prepared (the biggest of which has been started as stated in another post). So progress is happening in this area folks.

So, my opinions, progress is slow, but I am starting to get back into getting things done and painted. I'll update again around Christmas in terms of seeing how well my plans are coming along since the 3rd September.

Expect my standard weekend updates as usual.

Until next time, readers.....