Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Part 3 end of 2013: My Romans and Historical Wargaming News

One of Tribunes, my division commanders in Hail Caesar
The Dice and Decks Miniature swap Scorpion, nearly repainted for my colour scheme

I've had a month or two of Dropzone Commander and future based wargaming - but I'm know back building more Romans, with even more to do now Christmas has passed, hopefully in time for my first game of Warlord Games' Hail Caesar.

My army will hopefully consist of 8 units of Legionaries, with a two small units of archers, and a couple of Scorpion artillery pieces, with my opponent planning to use Ancient British Celts.

My birthday has recently passed and I have another Games Workshop Realm of Battle Gameboard - which I'm going to use as a grass board for the game. Although my brain is still trying to work out how to lengthen the game so that it doesn't consist of a first turn charge, second turn, fight, third turn win/lose scenario, as 6 foot by 4 foot might be a bit small for game when infantry can potentially move a mighty 18 inches per turn, as they can get 3 x 6 inch moves per turn on a good order dice roll

I've been assembling more Legionaries, with nearly three units now assembled, I have been painting more of them as well, finishing one with injuries that looks like a grizzled veteran, although he just stands in the back of a pilum armed unit. I also have been painting a Scorpio, given to me as part of Dice and Decks Miniature swap - a secret santa style event of painting a miniature for someone else and then giving it to them at a set date
1st and 2nd Centuries, still on the table
Centurion for the unit in the picture directly above, midway through painting
One veteran Legionary, ready for action
The army is being painted as the famed 10th Legion, Julius Caesar's favourites from the campaign in Gaul (59bc) to the end of the Civil War and his murder in 44bc. My 1st Century with Eagle Bearer is modelled to contain Warlord Games' Pullo and Vorenus miniatures, and the rest have helmet crests which the rest of my force doesn't (unless I go even more nuts and build an entire legion plus, which even by my mad collecting standards, is alot of troops).
I've also got a box of Mantic Games; Deadzone, a game of Sci-fi Skirmish, but I also have extra scenery for the game, as well as a partially assembled box of Enforcers, so Mantic's bigger Sci-fi game of Warpath could be next on the cards with Enforcers being my force, so farI have nearly finished one Enforcer in a green colour scheme, where I painted each armour plate seperately. 
Nearly there
So there we are folks, back on track with updates up to the present moment, Happy New Year and I shall try to keep more up to date, as three months of catch-up isn;t great