Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Part 2 end of 2013 - Resurgence of playing Dropzone Commander - End of October/Early November 2013.

Hello again folks, time for part 2 of the end of 2013, the last 3 months of it at least....

In the period of the end of October and November, I started playing alot more of Dropzone Commander, and added some Praetorians and Raven dropships to my UCM force in order to help take more objectives quickly and get them off the board without risk of the units transporting them being taken out by enemy forces. Additionally, I managed to get a copy of the Dropzone Commander starter set for myself, and played a couple of big games;
The starter set for Dropzone Commander.

The battlefield made from the starter set

CQC takes place in one building, my infantry outnumbered the enemy significantly and so easily removed them.

 I've also played a few games of Flesh Wounds - a zombie RPG wargame, using Zombies I got in a bulk box from Mantic Games, and the survivors I mentioned last post from Wargames Factory. The game is based on random numbers of patrols of Zombies attracted to survivors by the noise they make as they roam the board looking for aid and resources
Game 1:

Zombies swarm my character and the cause of their arrival....

Game 2:

The last survivor is overwhelmed by the numbers of Zombies