Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Part 1 end of 2013 - update for October 2013

Hello again folks, this is part 1 of a 3 part end of 2013 update, since I kept meaning to update each month but didn't.

I've was busy this month, making up for my slow work in the previous month - I played another game of the World War 2 28mm game from Warlord Games; Bolt Action, and expanded my German Army force for the aforementioned game by adding another infantry box and a Panzer IV Ausf H tank to the force, neither of which is ready for action just yet, but when they are, my force will be 51 men and 1 tank.

The game on the first Friday this month, (4th October) was with my usual opponents, with one ally, the force being Germans + British vs British. It went exceedingly well, and my team won with very few casualties.
The Sherman takes out a Churchill on the opposing side
My forces mop up the enemy

My second game, however, didn't go quite as smoothly, it was a 4 player free for all game. Two sets of British, Russians and Germans. Me and my fellow Bolt Action players have been experiencing some issues with the rules, especially around the orders per turn and the random player selection.
The field at the start of the game.
My German Colonel
Officers take shelter.
Snipers in the building, they managed to take out a few enemies approaching, but were eventually killed off by good dice rolls from one of my opponents.

I played my second game of Dropzone Commander by Hawk Wargames, and thoroughly enjoyed it. We used the terrain found in the two player starter set, and played a three player game, two of us using a UCM starter set each, and the third used the Scourge starter force.

My infantry occupy a building to search for an objective


I was assembling some Zombie Apocalypse Survivors from Wargames Factory in preparation for Dice and Decks Gaming Club's Halloween themed club night on the 1st November. These in comparison to the Caesarian Romans I purchased a while back from Wargames Factory are much better and I am very impressed with the casting, and the quantity of stuff you can use; guns of all types, chainsaws, ten different bodies (of which there are 3 sprues, and a weapon sprue). You can see the set in the pictures below:

I've also purchased a copy of Dust Warfare, a weird World War 2 game, set in 1947 where the discovery of advanced technology has bought on a new scale of war, with armoured walkers fighting alongside new weapons. I intend to have a practice as reviews on the models are varied, although the game seems solid enough to play for fun. I am building more of my Secrets of the Third Reich British Steel Suits to potentially smuggle into Dust as a unit of something.

I am also still building Ogres and Basilean Paladins, which are to be used as allies in the case of the Basileans and a seperate army in the case of the Ogres for Kings of War. The Paladins come from an angelic army, so I am painting them in white robes with gold or yellow trim and gold trim on their armour to show this is the "good" side of the armies available.