Tuesday, 28 January 2014

January 2014 - Odds and Ends

Hello again Folks,

More wargaming related news awaits...

I have been painting of my Romans I showed in my last post, and now the first Scorpion is nearing completion, shown in the pictures below;

I have also been painting a General Conveyor for Dystopian Legions, my favourite element of which so far is the floor of the transport bay, which I have painted rather plain, a metal corrugated floor, with brownish colour details, and my best piece so far; a british flag painted on the floor cover in the centre, which has been slightly weathered to look like the transport is well used by Dystopian Legions force in North Africa.

My justification for this decoration on the transport bay floor is for friendly unit identification by the various aircraft used in the Dystopian Wars and Legions universe (which is, oddly enough, the same in both games, as one is a small scale of the other).

In other news, a month or so ago, I got the Osprey Wargame; In Her Majesty's Name, and it's companion; Heroes, Villains and Fiends. I have finally got around to preparing some models for it, a few I can mix if needs be from Westwind Productions Empire of the Dead range, which I also own, however the company I want is going to be made from Warlord Game's Anglo-Zulu War British Infantry. I currently have built one soldier, the company being comprised of different regiments from the British Army (giving me some more uniform colour options), this man is wearing a non-standard hat, instead of the field service helmet (or Pith Helmet, as seen in Zulu!), he also has a beard, giving him the name; "Bearded Tim" in honour of a previous model I nicknamed "Bearded Jim" in my Imperial Guard from a few years ago. Here's one of the figures I'm using in this force, not the one mentioned previously, but still a possible addition;
I've altered this model by joining his "mutton chops" into a full beard with a little work involving green stuff modelling putty.

I also have some Americans for Bolt Action, and have played yet another game of this using a combination of USA and British forces, which didn't go well, espeically in the random draw for who goes first, with me being the last on average to use any units. I intend to expand this force with some half-tracks and additional infantry before adding more vehicles to my forces, British, Germans and USA.Here's some pics from the week before last (January 17th), a good game, although two small British forces (me and another player at Dice and Decks) took on a Russian force, the owner of which surprised me and another player by having grown his force by over 100 men in a week or so (some sneaky assembling I think was going on for a while beforehand!)....
My rather dimly sized survivors after I was last to get any order dice from the pot for turn 1!

Two small squads  - which have mixed into the right corner, and a lone Officer, take on the Russian's coming for them!

"Fire!" - The Infantry takes on the front of the Russian army's advance.

My Sherman Firefly overlooks the British Infantry squads to see the Russian horde advancing at them...

Russian Soldiers storm the house where my Bazooka team was positioned!

I also, on the principle that someone at my club may possibly be getting Japanese forces for Bolt Action, have ordered and recieved the new US Marines from Warlord Games for Bolt Action - ending up with a 1000pt starter force I'm playing around with the options for. I want the M3 half-track from this set for my European theatre force. This half-track was assembled in time to take part in a Brits vs Brits + US allies game on the 24th, which was a victory for me (Yay!). I was very pleased with me and my fellow players scenery effort - a farm in Normandy (not based on anything real, but certainly could be with a little imagination):
The board with my force deployed across the one side, we always have a "corn-field" in our games, although this is the first time we forced ourselves to enter it. Didn't really work though, we'll have to try again, as it occupies a big area, but is a real hazard for advancing infantry as it's open and with little to no cover!

My Sherman Firefly scores one for my side - popping the enemy Churchill, and securing a distinct advantage, my Americans are by the Half-track to the right by the Blacksmith, with a British Infantry Squad on their left.

The Americans and their Half-track with some British allies take on the enemy paratroops! The fight went on for a few turns before the combined fire took it's toll and the paratroops fell!

My Commandos secure a two storey house as a means of taking on some enemy infantry skulking in the woods, later in the game, my opponent forgot they were there and moved a squad to just under the windows without any cover, and promptly were lost when some lucky dice rolls led to all the Commandos scoring hits and casualties!

Also, here's a picture of my first Marine (an NCO for my first squad) mid-way through painting, and below that, some of my other Marines in progress on my painting desk;
The base is going to be a sand colour, and to my great annoyance, this picture isn't as good as I had hoped for details!
Marines! With the same Marine NCO from above on the far left!
And that's it for now folks! Hopefully more to show next week!