Sunday, 2 June 2013

Updates on projects and Kings of War Battle Number 3

Hello once again folks,

I've finished University and am back at home and still assembling Dwarves for Kings of War, and a variety of other stuff as usual.

The Dwarves have been slowly cracked on with, with my first Ironclad unit now completely assembled, my big horde of 40 Riflemen is near completion and I've started assembling my Phalanx of 40 Bulwarkers, which are proving to be far more interesting than originally planned.

The unit is on a 10 wide x 4 deep movement tray, so it's a traditional looking wide frontage unit for spearmen, the spears are metal and come from Ebay, I have chopped them down so each comes out at about 5cm including the held section. The front two ranks are holding spears out to hold off attackers, and the back two are holding their spears up in the air.

The rest of the force still need to be assembled, two more units of 20 Ironclad or possibly a horde of 40, another cannon and then I'll need to start painting the whole force, which currently stands at around 150 dwarves (I think, having lost track somewhere last week).

Last night (24th May) I once again played Kings of War, against an Undead army consisting of a horde of 40 Skeleton Spearmen, 2 units of 20 Skeletons, 3 Units of Revenants, 3 Catapults and 3 Liche Kings. I was resoundly beaten this time, making my current tally, 2 victories to 1 loss. Which isn't overly bad, yet. The horde of 40 Spearmen really trashed my army, and nothing in my army seemed to be having a good day, as the dice weren't rolling the needed rolls, and so Cannons were missing, melee attacks were fluffed, and rifles were rubbish. A combination of bad deployment, regenerating Undead, and sheer volume of enemies with bad dice rolling on my part and good dice rolling on my opponent's part led to that disaster.

However, I continue to paint and assemble, hopefully having a fully painted and assembled force will lead to better luck on the tabletop, I have started painting more of the assembled Dwarves, including the now fully assembled Ironclad unit's champion, who unlike the rest of my painted Dwarves (which is around 4 or 5 at the moment), is Blonde, not Ginger/Brown as background describes, although I may Ginger-ise it a tad to fit in more later on.

However, as is standard practice with me, I have another project or several on the go at once, and this time I've actually planned what my next is going to be: 28mm Halo (based off the video games and sorrounding fiction - big fan of all). My inspiration came when I got some Mantic Enforcers from the open day two weeks ago, and found the armour seemed very similar except for the head area, but this has been rectified, Defiance Games USMC Marines look exactly like Halo UNSC Marines except for some very minor differences.
They also come with enclosed helmets as well as open faced ones, and these enclosed ones are going to be used on the Enforcers to make 28mm Spartan IVs (since in Halo background fiction these are the most numerous and varied of the Spartan Supersoldiers and still have a future in the games, but the Enforcers look like Spartan IIs in term of height and bulk, much like the main character from the games, who is the last one in the fiction that the player has seen).
I have also ordered some extra Halo-style heads from Pig Iron Productions that I feel are suitable, which arrived a few days ago and so I have put one test model together:
Very Halo-esque, these will be mixed in theory to generate a more unique feel to each of the models
Bad focus, but you get the idea of what I'm aiming for

 So watch this space, I'm planning to have some fun with this one.....