Monday, 13 May 2013

Kings of War 2nd Battle and Mantic Games' Open Day

Hello again Folks,
Been a busy few days, revision for Univeristy exams has taken up my time, but I have been able to do some more work towards my Dwarf army for Kings of War by Mantic Games.
On Friday night at Dice and Decks weekly meeting I played my 2nd game of Kings of War - 1500pts of Dwarves against Elves, wielded by Neal.
My force consisted of a force similar to that I utilised last week in my first game; lots of ranged units; Ironwatch, and a battery of 4 Cannons. The elves were almost entirely Spearmen and Bowmen, with a few scout units and a bolt thrower.
The battle was a much more close run thing compared with last week, with my particular highlights being;
A multi-melee being fought around a ruin in the centre of the board, assisted by my Dwarf King. I lost several units including my Shieldbreakers.
My best and rather surprising highlight was finding out that Dwarf Ironwatch - a range specific unit, meant for ranged attacks, is actually better than dedicated melee units at fighting in melees, and so when charged bya  unit of 40 Elf spearmen, survived and beat them back. Although both units were damaged by previous attacks.
Pictures from the night shown below;
The two forces face each other

One battery of cannons, the two units in front need to be fully assembled, but the movement trays allow the size of the unit to be determined and so it doesn't affect the game

The other battery of Cannons, along with the remainder of my force

My biggest worry during the battle, 2 units of 20 Spearmen, and a horde of 40 Spearmen behind, these units threatened my right flank, and nearly suceeded in conquering it

My left flank was threatened by three units; 2 of Bowmen and 1 of Scouts

And on Saturday (yesterday), I went to the Mantic Open Day in Nottingham. I thoroughly enjoyed the day, and it was filled with all sorts of events. Arrival was greeted with a goody bag; of which contained within was a Raptor quad bike for the Marauders in Warpath, a sprue of Goblins for Kings of War and a Orc command sprue for Kings of War.
The first thing I attended was a small seminar on Deadzone and it's place in the Warpath Universe, the role of the Corporation(s) and the Enforcers, and the development and stages of the Plague faction that forms part of Deadzone. A question and answer session then took place, and it sounds like Mantic has plans for each of it's games and a promising future.
Inside the door was a Dreadball league, and a massive 32000pt participation game of Kings of War; shown in the pictures below;
A massive table and a massive battle

Elves take on the Undead

Dwarves take on Orcs

More Dwarves take on yet more Orcs

A Giant Elf on the field, representing a regiment, there was also a giant Mantic Dwarf on the table, there were two Giant Elves and a giant Dwarf. They were of great interest to me, but seemed to be a one off thing.

The Giant Mantic Dwarf takes on a Undead Mammoth

One section of the "good" side of the table

Close-up of the Dwarves
Me and Neal (who was driving up to the event) also had the great joy of having a demo of Deadzone with Jake Thornton, the game's designer. The game was very quick to get the hang of, and we were left to our own devices, we only played the Alpha game rules, so there were some rules missing that feature in the main game.
The display version of Deadzone, featuring the models and terrain for the actual release version

Enforcer sniper on a Deadzone snap-fit scenery tower

Deadzone demo game's table in full swing

Plague models facing an Enforcer Captain
 We also played a game of Warpath, Enforcers vs Corporation at apparently 1000pts, although the game seemed extremely one sided, with Enforcers being able to jump terrain and move incredibly fast. 
The Warpath board, with giant fortress

Enforcers sneaking around the Fortress

Enforcers storm the Fortress

Corportation attempt to retake the Fortress

The opposing side from the Fortress

I bought myself yet more Mantic products, a team of 10 Enforcers, which is due to the fact they are needed for Deadzone, and are inter-useable in Warpath as well, and they resemble, in my eyes, Spartans from Halo 4, which gives me an interesting idea for paint schemes and conversion ideas.
Also I bought 40 Dwarf Shieldbreakers for Kings of War, who will end up being Bulwarkers, Dwarf Phalanx.
And that's another blog post wrapped up, I have exams for University this coming week, so updates will probably be after next weekend. Until then folks....