Thursday, 2 May 2013

Hail Caesar Roman Updates and Kings of War - Dwarves muster.....

Hello again folks,

I have been busy assembling and painting as usual. I have continued to construct Caesarian/Civil War era Romans for Hail Caesar, for the cohort I was building last time I posted, I have mixed together the altered Montifortino Helmets from the sprues as they come from Warlord Games, and additionally, a few spare Auxilary helmets to make the force look more towards the Civil Wars and thus less Republican Roman. As always, pictures of progress so far are displayed below;
My completed Roman officer representing Julius Caesar from the Civil War era

A completed Legionary in a Montefortino helmet without crest and a second Legionary with an Auxilary helmet representing a Coolus pattern Roman helmet

The Cohort so far

As always, something new to indulge in, a visit from Square Orange Games has left me with a huge Dwarf army to assemble from Mantic Games for their Kings of War range.  I am quite keen to get this force on the table, and have through pure lack of thinking ended up with a rival dwarf collector at Dice and Decks. I intend to mix the Dwarves from the Battle for Skull Pass Games Workshop Fantasy range I got years ago into this force to kickstart it into a force to be reckoned with. Progress so far is detailed in the pictures below:
A large and daunting box of 85 Dwarves

The box's contents, although the Shieldbreakers number 15 in the box, they come in units of 10, 20 or 40, so the box is slightly out of date in terms of "game legal" units
My first Ironwatch, this is part of one of three units, this unit will remain un-upgraded with crossbows, the other two will have rifles for extra punch

This colour scheme has changed to blue, but the face and armour remains the same as shown, along with the gloves and the weapon

The whole of my first Ironwatch unit assembled

The repainted Ironwatch shown above in red, the blue is my final colour scheme for the whole force
The first of my Ironclad units, the Champion, Musician and Standard Bearer are assembled but missing from this picture

The first member of the unit to be painted

The unit champion assembled

Two dead Dwarves that are part of the sprues provided, I haven't planned out what I'm going to do with these yet

Crew for the Ironbelcher warmachines, these will be assembled as Cannons rather than Organ Guns, since I trust my Ironwatch to take out infantry, leaving bigger stuff for the warmachines
A Scibor model I got hold of last year without ordering it, I have repainted part of the base and intend to use this fellow as a Warsmith in my force

 In addition to this, I have also purchased the following Dwarf model from Scibor Miniatures to serve as my dwarf king in Kings of War.
Hopefully this will make the force a bit more unique.  

Until next time then folks, enjoy the pictures! I will have made more progress by the next time I post.