Monday, 6 May 2013

Kings of War - 1st Impressions and Battle - Dwarves vs Twilight Kin

Hello once again folks, I've been busy, building Dwarves, and last night played a game of Kings of War against a new member of Dice and Decks Gaming Club using his Dark Elves from Games Workshop as Twilight Kin.This was my first game of Kings of War, and I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Although as with any first try, there was alot of special rules to be looked up, but the game isn't very difficult to learn as the rules are designed to be simple.

Due to my inability to assemble 85 Dwarves in a week, I had to borrow some from another fellow Dice and Decks gamer, so I borrowed a horde (of 40) rifle-armed Ironwatch, and two regiments of 20 Shieldbreakers, along with an additional pair of Ironbelcher cannons.
The horde of 40 Riflemen I borrowed for the game, and has inspired me to get a unit just like them, but perhaps with musician and banner to keep them going in a fight.

Two units of Shieldbreakers, also borrowed, behind a unit of Games Workshop Thunderers from Battle for Skull Pass, which are being used as Ironwatch armed with rifles

My own models were a mixture of those Mantic dwarves and some Games Workshop dwarves from the Battle for Skull Pass boxed set from 7 years ago (the models for which we guessed I painted when I was 14!), I shall be repainting or at the very least touching these models up for use in the future. This was my force including those I borrowed from Paul at Dice and Decks:

- Dwarf King (Dwarf Lord from Battle for Skull Pass)
- Warsmith (Made from a cloaked Scibor Miniatures model I got last year)
- Warsmith (A runesmith from Games Workshop's Dwarf Warhammer Fantasy range)
- 4 Ironbelcher Cannons (1 Mantic, my own one, A Cannon from Battle for Skull Pass and two more borrowed)
- 10 Crossbow-armed Ironwatch (My Mantic Dwarves)
- 10 Rifle-armed Ironwatch (Battle for Skull Pass Thunderers)
- 10 Ironclad (Games Workshop Battle for Skull Pass Warriors)
- 20 Ironclad (My Mantic Dwarves)
- 40 Rifle-armed Ironwatch (Mantic, borrowed from Paul C at Dice and Decks)
- 10 Shieldbreakers (A mix of Mantic and Games Workshop Dwarf Miners from Battle for Skull Pass)
- 20 Shieldbreakers (Mantic, borrowed from Paul C)
- 20 Shieldbreakers (Mantic, borrowed from Paul C)

Picture of the force;
1500pts of Kings of War Dwarves....

My many many cannons for the game

The game started well, with my cannons opening up, needing 6's at the ranges across the board for the first turns, and I rolled them often enough to do some serious damage to a few of my opponents units, starting with a regiment of elves threatening my left flank and scoring 9 points of damage to the unit, which promptly failed it's nerve check and routed off the board. 
This tread continued pretty much throughout the game, although less often for the last two or so turns, but the cannons proved their worth, being the bane of my opponent throughout the entire game, helped by the close supervision of the Warsmiths, which enabled a re-roll for missed shots each time a cannon fired. My major losses were a the unit of 40 rifle-armed Ironwatch, who were routed by a unit of 10 elves that survived a pair of cannons and a unit of crossbows firing on them. I had several units routed (mainly the rifle-armed Ironwatch and the 10-strong Ironclad) or wavering (A unit of 20 Shieldbreakers and a Cannon at least to my memory) by the end of the game, not helped by me forgetting the Dwarves Headstrong rule (ignoring Wavering results of a nerve test on a 4+ on the start of the turn it affects), but not as many as my opponent, who lost 65% of his entire force by the end of the game, although this was not enough for outright victory for me (70% was the agreed value at the start of the game), the advantage was clearly mine when the game drew to a close.

On a modelling note, I have been assembing more of the Dwarves, and my Dwarf King ordered on Ebay from a Scibor Miniatures stockist has arrived. It has been assembled and undercoated, and I have since then started the first stages of painting. As with my previous Scibor Miniatures, the Dwarf King is amazing quality and a little larger than most 28mm miniatures, which for a General or army leader is exactly what I wanted. A model which stands out from the rest of the force.
A newly painted Dwarf Ironclad!
 Another post of assembly/painting progress will come later this week... till then Folks!