Sunday, 9 June 2013

Updates - First week of June - First Game of Bolt Action

Hello once more,

I've been busy this week on one specific project this week.

Having been nagged - I have finally cracked on and built more troops for the 28mm World War 2 game of Bolt Action by Warlord Games. Focussing mainly on British to help get the hang of the game by providing some reinforcements during a game last night (Friday 7th June) between two fellow Dice and Decks Gaming Club members.

By last night, I had managed to get enough troops together for the following:
1 Regular First Lieutenant
1 Sniper Team
1 Regular 8 Man strong Infantry Squad with 2 SMGs and 1 LMG
1 Sherman Firefly Vc tank
Emergency army list planning on the night!

My Officer (near left) and the 8 man infantry squad

My Sherman Firefly

Sniper Team

These added up to 551pts, and the entire lot ended up on the battlefield. Along with the following from the other British player;
1 17 pounder artillery gun
1 Artillery Observer
3 x 5 Man Infantry Squads with SMG and LMG
1 Light Mortar Team
1 MMG Team

The battle was 884pts vs 889pts - Germans under one person's command, and the British, who were under mine and another's command, so a split force. With the German side of the game consisting of the following units;
1 Panther Ausf G
1Command Squad and Artillery Observer
2 x 5 Man Infantry Squad
1 Sniper Team
1 Light Mortar Team
A look at my fellow British commander's force (well, a bit of it)

Me and the other British Commander got destroyed - the Sherman failed appallingly in taking out a Panther Ausf G, and was subsequently destroyed, signalling a huge threat to my side of the board, which was split by buildings, hedges and woodland. In transpired that the 17pdr gun on my fellow commander's side was not in position and by the time the night ended we still had men on the one side of the board, but my side had been obliterated. Not helped by the Lieutenant being charged into a building and trying to take on 5 German soliders by himself and failing dismally in the process.
The board just as we got going
My Lieutenant makes a break in to take on the Germans inside
He finds the German squad on the second floor and enters Close Combat
The Sniper team provides support as the Panther rolls on unopposed!
My infantry squad tries to reach the building
Snipers move off across the board
My fellow Brit player's infantry goes to take on a German squad
The Germans scarper off road the board avoiding the majority of the British infantry ready to ambush

I did however, despite the loss, enjoy a great game and one that I got the hang off quite quick off the mark and was a great deal of fun to play - although scenery seems to be key to having a good game, and I think if the board hadn't been as scenery covered as it had, it would have been a much quicker and even more one sided game. I highly recommend fellow WW2 wargamers to have a crack at it from