Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Update - 2nd and 3rd Weeks of June 2013

Hello again folks,

As always, I've been busy on the hobby front. I have been beavering away with Bolt Action with another game in the bag, as well as the assembling of more 28mm British Soldiers.
Although on Sunday 16th June I took a few friends and had a crack at Airsoft - at a local Airsoft place called C3 Tactical near Longhope, Gloucestershire. It was a really great day out, despite the exhaustion it bought on. I would love to carry on playing it.

In project news, I have been busy building Commandos to try and help me win a game of Bolt Action, as my second game ended with another loss. I played a fellow British player, as we were the only two attending last week's Dice and Decks Club meeting with any Bolt Action.
The battlefield just prior to the start of my second game of Bolt Action by Warlord Games. The building in the centre of the field is mine and comes from a company called 4Ground and is a fine piece of terrain for any game.

 I took a Veteran list, and so was low on numbers, the game was a decisive loss, ending with both my officers dying when a Churchill tank rammed the house they were in and bought it crashing down around them!
My force for my second game of Bolt Action, I bulked some the numbers using models from West Wind Productions Secrets of the Third Reich 28mm game. Although the models are far larger than the Warlord Games models, they can certainly be used temporarily!

 I have decided to make 2 squads of 10 Commandos, using the remaining five men in the set to make officers/medics etc as needed.

I'll be updating as usual this coming weekend after I've built some more Dwarves for a game of Kings of War this Friday at Dice and Decks Gaming Club. Until then folks....