Sunday, 1 July 2012

Secrets of the Third Reich - Updates.

Hello again folks, I'd thought I'd go through some more recent updates to my venture into West Wind Productions Secrets of the Third Reich Weird WW2 Game. 
I've finished my platoon Lieutenant, and an Infantryman with Commando Carbine, gotten most of the way into painting the Sergeant in the Command Squad and started on a Sniper. I'll add pictures of these early next week.
Next Friday there is a demo game of Secrets of the Third Reich at my local club, and another game between me and my opponent from last week (if you saw my last post this will have been explained). This time we aren't holding back units and are deploying what we have; so Werewolves, HMG teams and snipers are all going to join the Infantry this time around....
Stay tuned for more updates soon.