Sunday, 15 July 2012

Dice and Decks Charity Event 2012 - Fly Another Day - What went on!

Yesterday (14th July), saw Dice and Decks Gaming Club run their second all day charity event for the West Midlands Air Ambulance and Macmillan Cancer Support. The day consisted of a 16 player Warmachine tournament, a Magic the Gathering Tournament, and a variety of demo games from the likes of; Bushido (which I got a starter set for - really nice models), Infinity (Ran by Square Orange Games, who were also selling a variety of products), Heaven's Fall by Casket Games, Kings of War and others besides.
The day started off around 9ish with players arriving, with organisers being there from around 8 onwards, despite a late night of organising and set-up the day before.
There was also a raffle and Charity auction ran by John/Von - who also played in the Warmachine tournament, and has a write-up here: 
Early estimates put the total raised for charity at around £1050, just £54 short of last year's total.

All in all, a highly successful day, I came away with yet more stuff to paint and build; including some Dystopian Wars reinforcements for my Kingdom of Brittania fleet; a Olympic Class Troop Ship (resembling the Titanic, and certainly a large ship in comparison to most of my fleet - and it has a massive number of windows for me to paint) these are troop carriers and so are premier at Boarding Assaults and re-supplying Assault points to other ships in the fleet, also purchased was another Ruler Class Battleship for a bit more of a kick in the fleet's firepower, and an Avenger Class Aircraft Carrier to hassle the enemy and provide support.
I also have as previously mentioned, a Bushido; Prefecture of Ryu starter box, and a few more British Steel Armoured Suits for my Secrets of the Third Reich.