Tuesday, 30 July 2013

End of July 2013 - Ave Romans!

Hello again Folks!

My preparations for Warlord Games attendance at my local Dice and Decks Gaming Club's charity event on the 17th August are proceeding well. I intend to have at least one side of a Hail Caesar game with me - which will be my army of the Late Roman Republic/Civil Wars and the First Emperor - Augustus. 

To this end as you will have seen on my last post I have already assembled one century and started painting it. Converting the helmets of the troops to not have a top-knot on them, and thus make them more realistic to a war/battle scenario and less like a parade ground army. 

I bought 2 more boxes of legionaries, one with Gladius and the other with Pilum on Wednesday, and my 3 boxes (2 with Pilum and another with Gladius - which is to be my first century - and thus get to keep their helmet crests) plus the Heroes of Rome; Titus Pullo and Lucius Vorenus blister pack of metal characters from the HBO series of Rome ordered from Warlord Games have also arrived to make 6 units for my army, taking it up to the size needed for a game (I hope!). I have commanders from the Foundry set of Tribunes I found on Ebay a while ago.

One century with Pilum have been partially assembled and Vorenus and Pullo have also been assembled and started to be painted. I have yet to decide whether to give the first century cloaks to go with those found on the Vorenus and Pullo miniatures. 

Pictures as always are included here: 
Pullo and Vorenus undercoated
Vorenus as of this evening

Conicern from my first century

My mega box of Romans from Warlord Games - taking my army to 144 Romans plus Commanders

The first century in the background, and the second in the foreground  - the one I am currently constructing

One of my Tribunes - the commanders of my Hail Caesar divisions
And there we are for this week once again folks. Dice and Decks has a normal club night on Friday where I shall be building yet more Romans. This is complemented by a all day gaming session at the Ross-on-Wye scout hut this Saturday will allow me to make even more Romans for the army whereby hopefully I'll be right on track to having an army by the 17th August.