Saturday, 20 July 2013

Early July 2013 update

Hello once again folks,

I apologise for once again neglecting to post as often as I should. But graduating university and job searching occupy my time a tad. Plus my phone has started playing up when it comes to uploading pictures, which is something I always do before publishing my blog posts.

Anyway, on to the fun stuff, what have I been doing in the hobby world since last time I posted?

Well, I've been delving into both the fictional, and the non-fictional worlds of wargaming. Working mainly in the non-fictional realm of history - by working on my 28mm Caesarian era Roman Soldiers from Warlord Games. I have been trying to get the whole box built, and try to paint and finish a few more. I have gotten close to doing so at the moment; finishing on of my slightly converted Romans - I used a head from the Auxilary sprue to represent a Coolus pattern helmet - which were used in conjunction with the Montefortino helmets in the time period I am basing my Romans from. Plus it adds a nice bit of variety to a rather same-looking unit, which despite the general representation of Romans - there were variations in colour of tunics, shields and types of armour/helmets. 
My latest finished unit member

"Command section" - the Centurion

The whole unit  - front two ranks carry swords, back rank carries slings to add a bit of variety.

I also have a set of 48 from Wargames Factory, which whilst being slightly smaller than the Warlord figures, I intended to have to quickly and cheaply bulk up the Legion's numbers. 
Two of the Wargames Factory Caesar's Legions - bad quality and will not be ordered again, the feet sort of melt into the base and have no definition to them

As well as this, I have been taking advantage of July's free postage from Warlord Games, where I ordered their 3 box set of Caesar's Legions for £48 and Pullo and Vorenus (in approriate military garb), the Heroes from the now slightly older HBO TV series of Rome.

My aim is to have as many Romans as possible ready for Dice and Decks Gaming Club's charity event on the 17th August at the Larrapez centre in Ross-on-Wye, which I've been helping to organise. All persons welcome (shameless advertising!) and we have a selection of tournaments, retailers and demo games going on from 0900-1700.

In other news, my Defiance Games UAMC infantry arrived last week and I am beginning to build and convert them into Colonial Marines for my home-grown Aliens rules. I have started painting one, but realised a large number of marines in the film actually have shoulder guards, which these models do not - time to go searching through my bits boxes! I have built three of the marines, although one with a helmet and arms from a Games Workshop Imperial Guard Cadian aren't quite right - coming in at slightly larger than the Defiance Games Marines. Pulse rifles are from Hasslefree Miniatures, and are just about the right size.
Defiance Games Marines, nice models

Out of the box - the contents

The first painted Marine so far, I have added camouflage since this picture was taken.

My latest playtest board, we tried more scenery and it seemed to help the rules balance out
 So there we have it, another update, prepare for another, hopefully this coming week. Until then folks....