Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Recent stuff - Includes a Hail Caesar Update

Hello again folks, 
I thought I'd once again share my wargaming progress with all, first up is my Judicator for the Warmachine Faction Protectorate of Menoth, which I'm still slowly meandering on with. I've glued the now finished left leg to the groin, and the backplate to the same.

In Hail Caesar news, my hobby impulse buying has led me to buying some Warlord Games Ancient Greek Hoplites, which I am converting into Spartans (who as you read, are preparing for glory! - sorry, couldn't resist that 300 joke). Progress is going well, with one virtually finished and another two assembled and in the progress of being painted.

I've gone to great trouble to make the Spartans look like they are mid-battle, and to partially resemble those from the film 300, with no crests unless a ranking officer or king, and I've made the shields look damaged and battered by arrows and slices. The conversions are more for posing than anything else, one has had a left leg reposed so he looks as if he is charging an enemy, whilst another is stabbing whilst blocking with his shield. I have a plan for the whole unit, the front rank is sword and shields, posed to look as if they are mid-fight, whilst the rest are in a Phalanx formation. More updates on these guys next week.
And that concludes my updates for this week.