Sunday, 24 February 2013

Recent project updates, and newer items.

Hello again folks,

I haven't posted in a while but I have actually finished some models in the meantime.

First off I have been working on some models for Westwind Productions Empire of the Dead 28mm game set in the Gothic Victorian Horror world of their own design. I have had the rulebook for several months but until recently never got around to actually having any models to go with it. A recent visit to Dice and Decks Gaming Club by Square Orange Games solved this issue, me coming away with a models; Sherlock Holmes and Dr.Watson, Cedric Hyde, and a Demon Butcher, along with the Gentlemen starter faction pack. I have painted several of these models so far, except bases, the Butcher (dressed, as shown in the picture below, as a rather bloody chef), Sherlock Holmes, and a few of the Gentlemen. The first Gentlemen has officer's trousers on, showing he is an ex-military officer and hopefully, as future games may prove, an affinity for fighting. As my Gentlemen faction is based around a ex-military veteran's club full of old eccentric soldiers.
The first of the Gentlemen I finished

My faction  President at the back, with another of the Gentlemen at the front

My demon-butcher - as a Chef!

I have also started painting Dr.Watson to accompany Mr.Holmes onto the dim streets of Victorian Britain.

I have started some more of these gentlemen, and so I hope to show a few more off in my next post.
In other painting related news, I have also painted some two more Vietnam era US soldiers for playing Force on Force in Vietnam. 
Additionally, I have re-varnished all of my finished Aghanistan/modern Force on Force models so they don't shine as much now as they originally did.

On Friday I travelled to Firestorm Games in Cardiff and yet again, purchased yet more models for my collection; the Vampire faction boxed set for Empire of the Dead, as a potential opposition faction to my Gentlemen. I also purchased a box of 44 28mm Vikings so I can actually start work on a faction for Saga, which I bought the rulebook for last month. Having played a proxy game at the start of February, I am very excited to actually have a faction for yet more games, as it seems to be a very interesting game. I have assembled six models out of the 44 available so far, 1 is my Warlord, and has been completely painted over the weekend, 4 are his Hirdmen, the elite troops for each warband in Saga, and the final is a spear armed warrior, as I have decided for ease of identification to arm each type of soldier differently to the other. I have started painting two more of the Vikings as shown in the pictures below.
My first Viking and Saga Warlord

When Square Orange also last visited, I bought the boxed game for Dreadball by Mantic Games, and having played a game with Neal at Dice and Decks back in early January when it was snowing, I am quite keen to have another go with my own team/s. The boxed game contains two teams; Orcs/Goblins and Humans, two balls, and a referee in terms of models, a book of team roster sheets, dice and counters, along with a pitch, deck of game cards and a rulebook. I have started work on a Orc (the larger and thus more dangerous players from the Orc side), and a Human, both teams have red, but the Humans have black suits and Orcs where metal coloured armour. The pictures below show my painting/assembling progress so far, both teams are assembled, but neither has been painted really, except for the two mentioned earlier.
My first match with own Dreadball set, approximately half-way through.

I have also played a game of Dreadball and won, so hopefully the potents are good for this game...

And after a fortnight of university, I went home and did some more work on the Judicator for my Warmachine Menoth faction, such as finishing the assembling of the legs and hips, and nearly having finished painting it, I have begun doing more towards the top half, and in particular the torso, which I'm having trouble getting a smooth white paint scheme on for some reason. I have also attached the right arm to the shoulder.
I also cleverly maanged to flock the base without the model being on it, leaving space for the feet due to a template I made of the Judicator's feet, alas the plan didn't quite work, and I was slightly off with where the feet would be on the base, but not by far, and this will need to be rectified when I go home again next weekend.

The right arm attached to the shoulder. One less task to do later in building the model

 My final addition to this post in terms of progress is a bit of work I did on my Realm of Battle Gameboard, which long time followers will know I have had for a while, and am painting in a desert colour scheme, and thus why a few of my models have desert colour schemes for their armour or bases.
I did a bit of detailing on the cracked ground which I made by converting the uncovered skulls into patches of dried ponds or cracked ground. Further to this I painted more of the cliff/rock areas brown and then went over them with watered down sand to make it seem more worn and sand weathered.
I am very happy with the way this board is going so far, and I'm planning on cracking on with it once the weather improves from british winter to something approximating dry/warm.

I have two new projects coming - Dropzone Commander from Hawk Wargames, which I got the rulebook for when I went to Firestorm games and have a potential fellow collector for it already, and in this game I am intending on collecting the UCM, due to their very Halo-esque appeareance. And a secret-ish project I plan to unveil truly once I have gotten close to finishing it - but I shall leave you with a line which will probably give you an idea of what I am going for: "Citizens! This is the Law, disperse immediatly or we shall be forced to use lethal force to do so!"...

Until next time then readers!