Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Updates since the 7th Jan.

Hello again folks,

Progress has continued on some of the projects I mentioned in last times post. In Warmachine, I have made more progress on the Colossal. I have nearly finished the left leg and groin, which can then be assembled together. The head is still a seperate feature, the same as last week, as I have made some progress on the torso or the "backpack", both have been painted with the white main colour, which requires several coats and thus why is taking so long to finish. The right forearm has been glued to it's armour piece, both of which have been painted and varnished. The shoulder is progressing, so hopefully next time i post I'll be able to show the completed version of this. Pictures of the work done is shown below as usual.
The completely painted groin piece

An older stage in the painting

The nearly finished back plate

The nearly completed left leg, very pleased with the white paint

The right shoulder plate

In new model news, I have a new unit of Menoth Warmachine Knight Exemplars, the full plastic unit, and one of these has also been nearly finished. I have also made more progress on the Priest that leads the Choir of Menoth I had for Christmas, both of these are shown in the pictures below.
The plastic unit of Knights Exemplar

The nearly finished unit leader

Priest of Menoth that leads the Choir

In other news, I have two new products to test, one is Vajello's Matte Varnish, which unlike my previous Humbrol version, leaves no shine to the models and so the detail shows up in the pictures I take much more than it used to.
Furthermore, I have given in to my Star Trek fandom and bought a 1:1400 Model of the USS Enterprise-E, as a test to see if the detail is sufficient on the AMT model kits for me to use the next scale down (1:2500) as a replacement for a fleet in Firestorm Armada.
I have also got myself a 1:2500 scale Enterprise-D, since that attempt and found it is still a little too big for use in wargaming without a rather oversized board, but I am tempted to get another ship just to see if the size is due to the Enterprise-D being rather big anyway, and not just the scale.
The Enterprise-E of 1/1400

The Enterprise-D in 1/2500 scale

And besides that, that is all that was done over the last two weeks, so until next weekend, enjoy it folks.