Friday, 21 September 2012

Greed.... and Horus Heresy
Above is a picture of the Primarch Angron, as sculpted and due for release by Forgeworld. 
This is not me praising, I am not a fan, and it's £50. Which even for Forgeworld, is too much money to spend on a single, infantry sized model. Hypocritically, slightly, given I own a Warhound Titan in my collection, but I think this isn't a price in order to make a profit, this price is pure greed in my eyes, the company knows Horus Heresy stuff will sell, and definately Primarchs. So they've made it a stupidly high price to get as much money as possible, which is what companies do, but this is too much. So no Forgeworld, I'm not buying it.....

However, the Forgeworld Horus Heresy stuff in general looks good, and is a part of the 40k background I have long liked, so GW models for it is a godsend.
Fellblades, jetbikes (hopefully other, better looking ones), old armour marks, crested command sets, new rules, and amazing looking books!  Looking forward to it, as long as prices aren't being set stupidly high just to scave money from hobbyists.

Update: Nice to see  freedom of speech, I wrote that the model was too expensive on the comments for the model and it's related video on the Forgeworld Facebook page and come back a few hours later to find it's gone.