Monday, 4 June 2012

Dystopian Wars Update.

On Friday 1st June I played my first game of Dystopian Wars, against a fellow member of my local gaming club, who was using his Covenant of Antarctica against my Kingdom of Brittania. Admittedly the game took a great deal of extra time due to the learning of rules etc etc, but I enjoyed the game and came out of it with a victory.
So far I have also managed to paint 2 of my Attacker Class Frigates (out of 9, but we don't mention that), and I have also nearly finished my first of 3 Tribal Class Cruisers. 
I am torn between a set of possible reinforcements, in the form of either a land-based battlegroup, or either a Majesty Class Dreadnought (these things are awesome models and by the seems of it, incredibly powerful) or a Aircraft Carrier.