Monday, 28 May 2012

Marshalling a Fun Run

On 20th May, Another Sam and Me helped my friend, Gavin by marshalling a 10km Run around Hereford and the sorrounding countryside.
So come the day, we arrived at the Rowing Club in order to learn what we were meant to be doing, before being issued with a bright yellow plastic poncho and distributed out to a random corner out in the countryside and told to direct any Runners down the road to our left, and warn any approaching vehicles of the race.
Far too easily the task was achieved. In the space of 45mins, including a 5-10min wait for the runners to get to us, the whole 60+ people running the race when flying past without any gaps between them and off in the right direction.
Tip for the future - give it another go!
For more info on this sort of stuff, check out Gavin's blog;
Out in the middle of Nowhere....

Our aid for warning cars!