Friday, 25 May 2012

Wargames Post - Dystopian Wars

I've done it again - and started yet another wargame - Dystopian Wars by Spartan Games. It involves a alternate reality/sci-fi Victorian age World War with factions including; Kingdom of Brittania, Pussian Empire, Federated States of America, Empire of the Blazing Sun (Japanese) and Covenant of Antarctica.
There are groups for Aerial forces, Land forces and Naval Forces, each with a variety of units that can mix with alternate forces, like Sea and Air, or Land and Air. Aircraft carriers exist on land and sea, and are very characterful miniatures. Other factions have mad models, the Prussians have robots for land combat, that can also wade into the sea, and are represented by a very nice model that comes in packs of 2. Whilst the Japanese have a giant mechanical squid! 
I've selected the Kingdom of Brittania, and got the Naval starter set; 9 Frigates, 3 Cruisers and a Battleship, complete with two bomber models and tiny flyers tokens.